Buying flashy gizmos and techs for your friends can be a little difficult especially since you are not a wealthy underground boss. For most of us, we either fall too short on cash or knowledge when it comes to buying gifts for the loved ones in our lives who are a touch more tech savvy.
But fear not, for today we take a look at some of the best and coolest tech gifts that are not only remarkably utilitarian but barely cost 50 pounds.

Logitech X100:
A Bluetooth speaker that fits supremely in the palm of your hands? That’s exactly what the Logitech X100 speaker is. It consists of a 3.5 mm input and a Micro-USB port for charging the speaker, along with the power and volume control buttons. It also comes in a comprehensive range of colours like black, grey, blue and orange

Pro: It takes roughly two hours to charge completely and one cycle of charging lasts for nearly five hours.

Cons: Sadly, since this speaker is extremely small, it does not perform well with sub-bass frequencies.

logitech x100Price: 30 pounds

Amazon Echo Dot:
This is a voice controlled or activated the assistant device. Not only can the AI play storage and live stream music from a wide range of sites like Spotify, but she can also bring you the daily headlines. You can even make credit card sales, order food and call a cab if you ever feel like it.

Pro: It is a second generation product and it is portable. Also, you can easily connect it to an already existing audio setup.

Cons: It cannot connect with multiple audio devices which are set across multiple rooms.

amazon echo dotPrice: 40 pounds

SanDisk Clip Jam:

Unlike other micro mp3 players, what makes the SanDisk Clip Jam different is that it has a separate memory slot where you can store your additional music in a memory card. With iPhones and new Smartphones being so breakable, the SanDisk Clip Jam is a perfectly cheap and lightweight alternative for activities like jogging and gym workouts, without the fear of easy damage.

Pro: You can easily copy and transfer music from your PC or Mac and the Clip Jam has a built-in FM radio.

Con: Unfortunately, it can neither connect with any devices using Bluetooth and not can it play live streaming music.

sandisk clip jamPrice: 24 pounds

Misfit Flash Link:
This is must have for the health aficionado. At such a cheap price, not only is it lightweight, but it also happens to be durable and waterproof. Not only does it track the distance that you have been running, but it also shows you how many calories you have burned. In fact, it also comes with a number of settings for different activities like swimming, running, jogging and so on.

Pros: The built-in options include music controls, that is, you can play your music on a speaker and control it with just your phone

Cons: It does not come with its own wrist wrap. Also, it does not come with its own GPS tracking system or even a heart rate monitoring system.

misfit flash link
Price: 16 pounds

Jackery Giant+ Premium 12,000 mAh
Although this power bank is quite large, it has enough power to charge your phone completely a number of times before it itself needs to be charged, since, on an average, the smartphone battery is around 2,800mAh, almost one tenth of the power bank.

Pros: It has two usable ports, one rated for 1 amp and another for 2.1 amp so that you can charge your cellphone as well as your Kindle at the same time very quickly. It also has a very long battery life.

Cons: This portable power bank does not support pass-through charging. Also, the Jackery Giant+ Premium is a little bigger and a little heavier than most power banks out in the market, which means it is not as portable.

jackery gaintPrice: 17 pounds

Of course, the tech market also offers a tonne of other products, but in our search, we found these to be the best at the prices they are sold at. Let us remind you that if the tech market trends are any indication, then it is that the price of such technological gizmos come down over time, so you might consider waiting for a month or so directly after one tech is introduced in the public market.

Love it? Hate it? Leave us your thoughts and let us know in the section below!

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