1. DealVoucherz

DealVoucherz is the trading name of the company Webpact Technology. All the information that is presented on DealVoucherz is governed and managed by Webpact Technology.

In case of any discrepancies you can contact Webpact Technology through the contact us page.

We request that the users to go through the disclaimer well before they start using the services and products at the DealVoucherz website.

  1. Major terms:
    • User: By the term ‘user’ we are referring to any person who is using the website or visiting it.
    • Submissions: The term ‘submissions’ refers to any piece of information such as comment, feedback, links etc. that is left by the user on the website.
    • Registration: The term ‘registration’ refers to submitting information such as email id, name, postal code etc. for promotional opportunities on the website.
  2. Using the website:

The usage of the website requires certain compliances to be followed-

  • Age compliance: Anyone visiting this website must be 18 years or above of age. Hence, visiting or using the website warrants for your age compliance and the rights to be bound by the terms and conditions and disclaimer of the page.

3.1.1 While you can register on the website anytime, there is also a limit of one registered account per person.

  • Conduct: Users must pay attention to appropriate conduct while the use of the website. These include
    • Using the website DealVoucherz for personal use and not deriving commercial benefits from it, unless stated in the disclaimer otherwise.
    • Legally linking the website or the homepage to any reference as per the user, such that it does not damage or tamper with the image of DealVoucherz.
    • Establishing any links to the website at any platform for any endorsement, advantage or commercial purposes. DealVoucherz reserves exclusive rights to withdraw any such links without prior notice.
    • Linking any part of the website except the homepage is strictly prohibited.
    • Misusing the website by inducing any programming attacks that are technologically harmful to the website such as viruses, worms, Trojans etc. is illegal conduct.
      • These also include trying to get unauthorised access to the website or any of its pages.
      • Crawling, scraping or using any robots or technical tools to access the website in any illegal manner is also considered as malicious practises. Proper legal action will be taken in any such cases by Webpact Technology.
    • Limitations of use: In case of circumstances such that DealVoucherz finds out in its sole discretion that you are making any illegal or inappropriate use of the website, or infringement for any of the disclaimer terms and conditions, necessary action will be taken such as terminating your use of the website without prior notice. However, with the severity of the violation, legal proceedings can also be adopted, whatever Webpact Technology deem fit.
      • The website DealVoucherz can be suspended at any time for any reason, without prior notice to the users and shall be not liable for any such adjournment. This can be for various reasons including maintenance of the website, any updates, repairs etc.
      • These also include any changes to any parts or complete website without any prior notice to the users.
      • The specific terms and conditions under the Disclaimer are pertinent to all kinds of users whether registered or unregistered users. These must be followed for the use of the website and breach in any of these can lead to legal action whatever Webpact Technology deem fit.
      • There must be no connection of the user with any kind of commercial venture for deriving use of the website.
  1. Registration and Submissions: The process of registration and user submissions is facilitated at DealVoucherz. Following is the disclaimer concerning it-
    • Registration at DealVoucherz includes providing authentic user information such as email id, name, postal code etc.
    • By registering, you gain access to newsletters and other promotional information from DealVoucherz.
    • To register your details at the website, you can provide the required information at any of the sign up boxes or the subscription column.
    • Webpact Technology have the authoritative power to disable any user accounts and passwords without prior notice to the user, in the event of any violation of terms and conditions.
    • DealVoucherz suggests not disclosing your personal information to any third party websites. The company shall have no liability of any such occurrences.
    • Submissions by the user refer to any comments, references, links etc that are uploaded on the website for appearances and lies in the public domain. As you take part in user submissions and post anything, you validate that you have the rights to post such content without having any authorisation, permissions or any sort of clearance to the best of English law with any third party.
    • With submissions you take the ownership of the content posted by you and imprimatur that it is not a violation of any kind of copyright, trademark, patent, intellectual property rights, trade secrets, moral rights, rights of privacy or publicity etc. in the public domain.
    • The submissions by the user in nature are non- confidential or secretive, non- public or non- proprietary and can be used by DealVoucherz for any purpose of promotion or distribution to third party companies that it deems fit.
    • Deal Vouchers has the sole right to remove any user submissions without any prior notice to the customer, on whatever grounds it seems as unfit.
    • The identities of the users can be disclosed to third party companies who claim any such violation as mentioned in section 4.7.
    • Apart from the above terms and conditions concerning user submissions, if any user, whether registered or unregistered comes across any violating or inappropriate submission to the user that does not seem fit in the public domain, they can write to DealVoucherz through the ‘contact us’ page.
  2. Intellectual property
    • DealVoucherz include all intellectual property rights to and in the usage concerning the website. These may include the following-
      • Licences and title in interest of the website
      • All copyrights and intellectual property rights that are without any limitations
      • Rights that are not intellectually granted to the users are restricted and reserved by DealVoucherz.
      • Graphics, image content, software, any audio files, arrangement of these collections on the website etc.
      • The content including description of any services, products, publications promotional information etc.
      • Part of the content mentioned in section 5.1.5 may be in licence from the copyright content of the mentioned merchant on the website.
    • Reproducing, copying, duplicating, transcribing transmitting, uploading, posting or any such act governed by the English law is strictly prohibited by Webpact Technology.
    • DealVoucherz also prohibits any digital tampering of logos, marks or copyright symbols such as modifying, altering or removing from whole or any part of the content of its website.
    • Any violation or infringement in the policies and intellectual property rights or unfair advantage of the website will lead to strict legal action as deemed fit by Webpact Technology.
  3. Liabilities and Warrants:
    • DealVoucherz offers their website to the users without any applicable charges and shall not be in any case liable for any kind of losses, damage or injury etc. due to the usage of the website or any of its information by the user.
    • There is no liability in any of the sections mentioned in the terms and conditions and disclaimer for death or personal injury arising to any fraudulent information or negligence, misinterpretations at DealVoucherz, in extension to section 6.1.
    • In case of any delay, interruptions, failure or any other obligations not followed by DealVoucherz does not make it liable to any personal losses limited by the English law.
    • In no cases shall DealVoucherz be liable to any loss of profits, business, savings or money in any form whether direct or indirect in any form of consequences.
    • The information provided at DealVoucherz must not be considered as an advice or recommendation for the user. It is just for the purpose of information and must be authenticated by the user for any or checked along with other discounts before making a final purchase.
    • In no cases does Deal Vouchers guarantee that the content offered on the website is free of error. The information on the website is offered without any conditions and may not always be available for use without interruptions. There is no such liability for the discontinuance, suspension etc. of the content or the website to the users.
    • In case of user submissions, DealVoucherz is not liable or does not hold accountability of the authenticity, views, advice, suggestions and opinions. In reference to section 6.2 the company is not liable for remarks of defamatory nature, correctness etc.
    • Third party links are present at various instances on the website. However, DealVoucherz does not guarantee any authenticity of the information or content shared by these websites. In no cases shall the company be responsible for any harm or loss caused to the customer in any form due to the use of these websites. DealVoucherz does not endorse the views offered by third party websites.
    • Users are recommended to stay alert while submitting any information to third party websites. You may refer to their separate terms and conditions of use.
    • In the event of any technological attack on your computer such as by virus, Trojans, denial of service etc. due to download of any content, webpage, voucher code, or any third party website, there is no responsibility of DealVoucherz and the company is not liable for any loss or damage to your computer device or as mentioned in section 6.1.
    • In the case that you are willing to interact with merchants at DealVoucherz, it is with your own liability and discretion. Pertaining to the section 6.1 of the disclaimer, DealVoucherz holds no responsibility of any such merchant –user interaction in any form.
  4. Coupon policy:
    • The coupons offered at DealVoucherz are non transferable, royalty free and non exclusive and only for personal use of the user.
    • The coupon codes must be used for single purchase one at a time and not for multi purchase orders.
    • The coupons offered at DealVoucherz might not be applicable for all products and services of a brand. Therefore, it is suggested to the users to check the applicability before making a final purchase.
  5. Data safekeeping policy:
    • The user data entered at the website is handled with utmost are and is kept safe. DealVoucherz is strictly committed to protecting the privacy of users and keeping their valued information confidential.
    • Except for third party appearance and information, the content offered at DealVoucherz is well controlled and protected.
    • DealVoucherz gathers information concerning the user and the use of its website. For more details users can refer to the Privacy policy page at DealVoucherz.
  6. General:
    • The disclaimer provided at DealVoucherz may be modified, amended, rewritten, changed or removed during any point of time for whatever reason that DealVoucherz deem fit, without any prior notice to the user. The user is therefore, requested to stay updated with this page from time to time.
    • The users can keep this disclaimer as a print out or soft copy as the complete agreement between the user and DealVoucherz at all circumstances.
    • The terms and conditions as provided in the disclaimer are governed by the laws of respective place of registration of the company in the UK. Hereby, in case of any discrepancy, they fall under the jurisdiction of the same place.
    • The users who are using the products and services at DealVoucherz, must comply with the local laws without any limitations of the place where they are using the website.
    • Any harm caused to the reputation or image of DealVoucherz due to any activity of the user may just not be compensated with monetary reimbursement. Owing to the nature of Vouchers and exclusive coupon codes, necessary legal action will be taken without any limitations and the final compensation will be as deemed fit by the jurisdiction of the concerned court.
    • In case any part of the terms and conditions is terminated, all the other sections still stay active and the users must comply with them. Any violation to these would result in necessary legal action.
    • In the event that a party fails to comply with the existing terms of the disclaimer their efforts to overthrow a particular provision, will become unenforceable or invalid provision to the extent of the permitted laws.
    • None of the third parties are given any rights towards DealVoucherz and thus none of these terms and conditions can be used by any third party against DealVoucherz in any form.
    • DealVoucherz tries its best to improve its services for the customer. In case of any inappropriate information or offensive language is found at any of the pages on the website, the users are requested to reach out to DealVoucherz through the ‘contact us’ page.
  7. Termination:
    • The above terms and conditions will remain fully enforced and applicable to the users whether registered or non-s registered on the website.
    • However, these terms of use can be denied by Webpact Technology at any point of time without any reason or prior notice to the customers.
    • Even if a part or section of the disclaimer if terminated, the user shall still be bound with the remaining sections for all concerning obligations.




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