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Sennheiser UK

IE 40 PRO For £83

  • April 10, 2019
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Sennheiser UK

Wireless Headphones Bluetooth HD 4.40BT – £89.99

  • April 10, 2019
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Sennheiser UK

Momentum True Wireless – £279.99

  • April 10, 2019
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Sennheiser UK


Music has always been essential in all our lives. Be it our happy, sad or exciting moments; humans have always learnt to express it regarding music. The name Sennheiser goes hand in hand with the word music. Sennheiser is a brand that needs no introduction. Whenever we need earphones and headsets, the first company we refer to is Sennheiser. It has been surviving for over seventy years. Seventy years if sheer hard work, innovation and gumption have brought the company to what it is today. Artists to pilots, jockeys to scientists, it has loyal relationships with all type of customers and clients. Sennheiser is also present in different countries with a global presence in many countries. With a varied range of products that are developed continuously, Sennheiser has broken its own records every time it has launched any product. Let us take a look at some of their collections and offers.

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  • Headphones and headsets: twenty-first century saw an evolution concerning technological development. Today, mobiles, tablets, laptops and other electronic gadgets have become a necessity more than a luxury. Sennheiser has come up with a range of headphones and headsets for various purposes. Be it for regular music and entertainment, sports, travelling, gaming, DJ and multimedia, assistance listening, broadcasting and aviation purposes; you will find products for each of the categories. You also get headphones by wearing styles that are over-ear, on-ear and in-ear. It also offers high-end earphones which have different features. Sennheiser helps you in finding the right store, gives you the best product at the best prices and provides you with after-sales services as well.
  • Office and contact centre headsets: office presentations, meetings and conferences need the right kind of infrastructure for smooth operations. Sennheiser can be the right partner for all your needs and requirements. You get wireless headsets, wired headsets, Bluetooth headsets, speakerphones, parts and accessories and software. You can use these headsets for office purpose, contact centres, communication and Skype. The products come at different prices depending on the quality of the products. They are also available depending on whether you need them for small presentations or large conferences.
  • Microphones and wireless systems: the first choice of every performer, receivers and wireless networks have the best features when bought from Sennheiser. You get different featured products for live music, recording, meeting and conference, broadcast, presentation, audio for video, theatre, wireless monitoring, mobile recording and education purposes. Products like Evolution wireless G4 used for outdoor shoots, Speech line DW used exclusively for speech are a specialty of this category.
  • Meetings and Conference solutions: Sennheiser offers varied solutions for meetings and conferences. If you are not sure about how to conduct and organize the communication systems, leave it to Sennheiser and get professional system installations for your office. Speakerphones and wireless networks are some of the products featured in this category.
  • Visitor guidance and audio streaming: when you visit a place of historical or cultural importance, you need a guide who can give you correct and precise information about that area. Sennheiser makes this simple for you. Now get audio guide systems that automatically enhance your knowledge with the help of their products. Products like Tourguide 1039, Tourguide 2020-D and Mobile Connect help you out with guidance for new places, theatres and conferences.

Top Deals

There is a reason why a company is called the best in the industry. Behind this name and fame lies years of work and expertise, hard work and development of products and services. Let us take a look at the deals that make Sennheiser the best:

  • Sennheiser has a team that concentrates on the development of existing and new products. They think ahead of time in the sense that they think about future problems and solutions. Technological development plays a crucial role in making the brand world known.
  • The company has always maintained its product consistency, safety and comfort. This is the reason why famous artists have always relied on Sennheiser when it comes to concerts and events.
  • The protocol of Sennheiser lies in the fact that their responsibility doesn’t end after they have sold their products. It continues and lasts until the customer wants. After sales services are something, they have specialized in. Regular service, maintenance and support are guaranteed by the chain.
  • The past 90 years have seen a loyal relationship between Sennheiser and some of the top celebrities. It shares the same kind of relationship with everyday users and clients. Try it out today and build a relation, that lasts forever.

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