Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

DealVoucherz holds expertise in proving customers with fast and convenient time and money savings options, through the medium of various valuable coupons and vouchers. We, at DealVoucherz endeavour ourselves to provide you with the best experiences and protect your privacy. Webpact Technology is the operating and managing company of DealVoucherz.

At DealVoucherz your privacy is well respected, which is why we do not shy away from letting you know about the data that is collected from you and put to manoeuvre as per our policies. The customers are requested to go through this page to understand the practises that are used for dealing with their data, which are in legal compliance.

  1. Collecting your personal information:

Information is collected from the users to bring segmented and the most relevant listings and offers for them on the website. The following kinds of data may be credibly collected and processed from you-

1.1    Registration: Any kind of information that you enter while registering at DealVoucherz is stored with us. For a personalised and better experience, we request you to register at our website with some basic information. These may include name, email address, zip codes, gender, date of birth etc. This information is used to understand your needs from us in a more comprehensive way. However, your valuable information is never made available to any other company without your consent.

1.2    Contact us: We may store information in correspondence that is used to reach out to us through the medium of our website.

1.3    Accessed resources and surveys: Data associated with the resources that you browse on our website may also be stored. You may be humbly requested to take part in occasional surveys and feedbacks, that will be purely used for research purposes and enhancing your user experience.

1.4    Partner websites: You may find relevant links of any partner websites on DealVoucherz. The information that you enter at these locations is also safely stored with us.

1.5    Location: If you’re using your mobile to access our website, we may store the information related to your location with adequate permissions.

1.6    Type of Device: You may use a variety of devices to operate our website. We may keep information on the type of device and the browser used to browse our resources.

1.7    IP Addresses: IP addresses are used by computer devices to communicate over the network. At DealVoucherz, we may collect information regarding the IP address of your device. These may also include operating system type, device identifiers, internet browser types etc.

1.8    Cookies: Cookies are legal files that are transferred to the hard disk or storage of your computer and other mobile devices. These help us in getting relevant information as mentioned above from your computer. However, it is completely under your discretion to comply with the cookie policies at our website. You may refuse to receive cookies by making changes in the setting of your device. Until then, you may automatically receive cookies from our website.

  1. Using your personal information:

Your personal information is collected at DealVoucherz with utmost care. We use it in the following ways-

2.1    Efficient display of information: We make sure that no matter which device you use for browsing our website, you get the most satisfactory experience. The content from our website is efficiently presented on your displays.

2.2    Communication: One of the credible reasons, why we collect information from you, is to establish reliable communication with you. We let you know about our recent products that you may be interested in or the ones that you opt to be informed. We establish communication with the help of mediums such as emails, SMS or push notifications.

2.3    Understanding your interests: We make every effort to understand you in a better way so that you can be presented with relevant information about the products or services that you’re interested in.

2.4    Personalise the content for you: We respect and value your time and make sure that you spend your time viewing the content that is relevant to you. We use your data to understand your interests towards our products and process it to personalise the content for you.

2.5    Insights: By the information that you share with us, we dive into the insights of our functioning using applicable tools. This helps us in understanding and improving our business. Our partner brands are also enlightened with the statistics for enhanced feedbacks.

2.6    Changes in our service: We also use your information to notify you about any changes regarding use or essential updates that you must stay aware.

2.7    Speed up your searches: We also make sure that you get everything right when you want.

2.8    Competitions: We make sure that you can participate in the interactive elements of our website.

2.9    Locations: The information concerning your location is collected so that we may provide you location-based services that are also focused on your frequency of use at these locations.

  1. Disclosing your personal information:

We strictly follow the section 1159 of the Companies Act 2006 for any information safekeeping and relevant disclosure. Your information may be disclosed to the following beneficiaries-

3.1    Any group members, subsidiaries, affiliates or holders of our company.

3.2    Affiliate advertisers

3.3    Service providers such as email marketing applications or SMS senders and tools etc. that help us reach out to you for the cases as mentioned above.

3.4    Third parties such as-

3.4.1    The involved buyers or sellers, in the event that we decide to sell the company or purchase any assets.

3.4.2    The stakeholder, in the case that the entire assets or holdings of DealVoucherz are sold to a third party.

3.4.3    Any legal compliance, if we are bound to share any information as per legal terms and conditions to protect and safeguard the business needs of DealVoucherz.

3.4.4    Third party promotional actions, only if you agree to its terms and conditions.

  1. Mailings and subscriptions:

Mailings and subscriptions are an essential element of DealVoucherz. We use emails to send you information regarding the latest products or services, emails and voucher codes, applicable discounts etc., that you have opted. We may also send you information that we may think might interest you.

You can also subscribe to the newsletters at DealVoucherz by submitting the concerned information as requested in various sections of the website. By accepting to it, we assume that you consent to receive the newsletters and additional information that we find it relevant to you, in your inbox.

We may also send you regular updates and voucher related information for your favourite brands through SMS.

  1. Your legal rights:

At DealVoucherz, we believe that you have the full right to decide what kind of information you want to share with us. As per your legal rights as customers, you can choose to share or not to share any personal data. These may be-

5.1    Un-checking or checking any boxes that are provided with information related to the collection of data on the website.

5.2    Changing the cookie settings on your device, to prevent issue of cookies from our website.

5.3    Refusing to click on any third party links. Any third party links that you may find at DealVoucherz are provided for the convenience of the customers. However, they follow their terms and conditions and policies. DealVoucherz is not liable for any information shared on the third-party website.

5.4    Unsubscribing to the direct mailing list. If you prefer to unsubscribe from our newsletters, you can click the ‘Unsubscribe link’ provided in our emails.

  1. Cookie Notice:

Cookies are technological tools that are used to store specific piece of information on the hard disk or storage of your device.

Cookies by DealVoucherz last for up to 13 months of issue or the last visit to website.

Several third party cookies may also be issued on your device, that you may not have control over. The collection of information via third party cookies is in accordance with their respective privacy policies.

Following types of cookies may be used on the website-

6.1 Necessary cookies:  These type of cookies are necessary for the functioning of our website such as logging into your registered account.

6.2 Functionality cookies: these cookies mould your experiences on our website, such as personalised content etc.

6.3 Performance cookies: These types of cookies help us shape up user experience such as by improving designs etc.

6.4 Affiliate cookies: These specific cookies help us in tracking down a transaction made at our website using an offer etc.

6.5 Social media cookies: These cookies provide integrations with various social media platforms and are also sometimes used for displaying relevant ads.

Disabling cookies:

Cookies can be disabled by making changes to your browser settings. Or you can also uncheck the textbox that appears as you visit the website.

However, you may not be able to access all the parts of DealVoucherz efficiently if you disable all cookies.

  1. Additional changes:

We, at DealVoucherz, are continually improving ourselves through our policies and experiences. This may also include an update in the privacy policies and terms and conditions at any point of time. The customers will be notified of any such changes. The changes will also be posted on this page.

  1. Contact us:

You can contact us using our “contact us” page, for any further queries or assistance regarding coupon codes, vouchers etc. We are more than happy to address your concerns.



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