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  • May 3, 2018
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Take £50 Off Selected Large Kitchen Appliance

  • May 3, 2018
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Out Of The Box Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen is the place that creates a home out of a house. A lovely kitchen is what all of us crave for. Designing a kitchen does not require too much of brainstorming. Some simple ideas can at times be out-of-the-box and give your cozy kitchen a beautiful makeover. Here are few innovative and simple kitchen design ideas that you can try:-

  • Wall cabinets- one of the biggest problems faced by people with a small kitchen area is space crunch. People often fail to utilize the space in the kitchen area and make the best use of the given area. If you see that the total area of the kitchen isn’t much, avoid creating bulky tables and shelves to accommodate the cans and jars in the kitchen. Instead, create wall cabinets that can hold every item without eating away the available space in the kitchen. It also helps to keep everything organized. And in case you are not tall enough, you can always have a rolling ladder around to reach the top cabinets with ease.
  • Try a color scheme- A dash of innovation with the colour scheme can make any dull kitchen look absolutely stunning. Bring in some style into your kitchen with bright colored cookware that stands as a nice contrast to the white walls of the kitchen. You can also have your cabinets or certain sections in a different bold color to create a color block that looks aesthetically pleasing and well done.
  • Create a cozy sitting area in the kitchen- Your kitchen isn’t your living room or your sitting area but that does not stop you from creating a simple and basic one right in the kitchen. Place two or three simple solid color or vibrantly designed seats or chairs along with a small round coffee table in the kitchen, probably near an open space like a window for a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Spend some family time with your ones while you keep serving cups of steaming coffees and hot baked fresh cakes.
  • Mark out areas- in order to keep your kitchen attractive and organized it is very important to mark out separate areas in the kitchen. For instance, dedicate one side of the kitchen to the cabinets and shelves for storing your items and hanging all the pots, pans and cookware. Keep a separate section for all the electrical kitchen appliances like your microwave, ovens and induction stoves for an organized appearance. The central area can have a table for chopping, serving and carrying out all other activities. This helps to keep everything clean and in place.
  • Choose stylish kitchen appliances- The simplest way to give your kitchen a modish appearance is by choosing sleek and stylish cookware and appliances. Avoid going for bulky stuff as it not only eats up the space in your kitchen but also mars the appearance. Search out beautifully designed appliances that enhance the beauty of your kitchen and make you feel good.
  • Try something with the lighting- Your kitchen can get an all new makeover if you try something innovative with the lighting. Always keep the basic wall color light to make your kitchens appear bright and warm. Keep the windows open in the daytime to let natural light brighten up the space wonderfully. For the evenings you can try some innovative lampshades and chandeliers to bring a glamorous touch to an otherwise dull looking kitchen area.

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