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 A family holiday is often perceived as one of the most luxurious holidays. It is the time when you want to spend your hard-earned money into comfort and lounging and be at peace. With special hotel bookings, lounges and travel around the tourist spots, these holidays become a part of your life. But are you happy holidaying only through the tourist spots of the famous cities? Are you happy just staying in a posh hotel and drinking mojitos on their expensive menus? Is holiday only meant for spending on Luxe? Well, a lot of us might not agree on this! An adventure like everything else plays a very important part of our holidays.

An adventurous holiday brings experience, joy and adrenaline rush into your life that is very well excluded from a luxurious holiday. While people are slowly choosing adventurous holidays for themselves, you easily turn your holiday a little adventurous each time you book for it. Here are a few travel tips on how to kill your boredom on holidays and add a little of adrenaline rush into your holiday!

Travel tips

1.      Pack light

Unlike other holidays an adventurous holiday is about traveling light and focusing on the experience. Take only the essentials that you are sure you would need and keep the non-necessary ones at home. The ideal way to pack is to lay down all the things that you think you might need for the holiday and then consider each one again and their importance. After you decide, you pack it into the suitable luggage weight consideration and do not exceed the weighing limit allowed. This way it will be ensured that you aren’t loaded in unnecessary stuff and luggage weight is within limits.

2.      Consider the activities and pack

It is important that you know about the place you are traveling to and the kind of weather, activity or sports you will indulge into. This way you can accordingly sort the sportswear, casual wear or even gowns in respect to the place and be sorted.

3.      Book for the adventurous activities

If you are on for an adventurous holiday it is important that you give an eye to the adventure possibilities available at the place you are traveling. You can choose from a variety of activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, underwater diving, para-gliding depending upon the place you are traveling to. Make sure you acquire the related knowledge of it all and book with these authorities way before to get a surety of booking and adventure.

4.      Take unusual trips

Rather than lounging in the hotel room bed for late hours into the morning consider waking up early and exploring a nice spot to watch the sunrise. Take time out from the rush of the city and find out a suitable spot to stay close to nature. Try to pick at least one of the activities which bring you close to exploring nature or breaking the routines, this will help you learn something new and have a new experience!

5.      Take the path less traveled

An adventurous holiday is all about taking the paths that you haven’t taken before. Choose to indulge in activities that you have never done before, always wanted to do or were skeptical about. Push your boundaries and know about yourself a bit more with each step of the adventure that you take. Your holiday shall be definitely the best you did in the recent times.

6.      Go minimal on phones

Holidays are times to enjoy you rather than be social about it. While you are on a holiday you can give a break to your social media updates and take time out to soak into the environment. This shall help you unleash and get back to the world with positive energy when you finally return from the holidays. Like everything else, your cell phones need a break too especially when you are into an adventure.

7.      Read about the place well before!

An adventurous holiday is possible only at a place which has not been explored much. You can choose to be at these places but planning is something you should consider. Take time out from your schedule and before choosing the place read about it all. The places to explore, how to get there, the amenities, the lounging options, food etc. needs to be known! All the information shall help you stay on track with life while you are all set to let yourself go!

An adventurous holiday is just a mood apart! If you want to get on it then just pack your bags and leave!

Editor: Mousumi Gharami

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