Have you ever found yourself staring at a lovely dress outside a store and stood there motionless? Ever been so dazzled that you feel that the mannequin is pulling you as if its a magnet and begging you to buy that enchanting dress. Well, I caught you red-handed smiling hideously and recollecting that day! ‘Fashion’ this one word rules our lives completely. This industry is never-ending and has evolved drastically over the past decades. From flowing gowns with crinoline underskirts to distressed denim and from tight pants with long coats for men to shorts and splendid tuxedos fashion advanced so quickly in the urban decade, it provides not only eye-catching couture but also vast areas of employment.

Runway Fashion has been an important source to have kept the fashion industry blooming. It is that nectar that has always kept fashion buzzing, with some exceptional and mind-boggling and trendy designs.

Keeping their names at the top is always a task for all the designers. But Ralph Lauren is an exception as it never fails to impress the fashionistas. With his latest buy-now-wear-now collection, Ralph Lauren is giving us some remarkable outfit ideas. This pre-fall collection is being loved for its cashmere cape in red, mock neck sweaters, polka-dot jacket and pencil skirt and Tilden jumpsuit. The distressed leather jacket by Ralph Lauren has become a trendsetter. He has even made sure that the ’Polo Ralph Lauren’ collection for men is casual yet classy.

Donatella Versace succeeds with all glitter in portraying the strength of glamour with her evergreen beautiful collections. Versace can be described as the one-stop creator of the chicest outfits. The latest couture is blazing the ramp with fire. The power sleeve knit sweater with jersey blend cropped trouser and paired with the exquisite elastic insert ankle platform boots and Medusa plaque chainring will be a go-to outfit for every girl in fall. Versace always has eye-catching accessories from lock necklaces, chain bracelets, chokers to high knee signature boots and bags.

Trendy Fashion

Talking about Dolce and Gabbana and its excellent collection, we definitely can’t get enough of their sneakers with intricate designs. I firmly believe that they follow a trend of “keeping it fresh”. The denim pants with contrasting details, trousers in cotton with tuxedo details for men describe them carry style with ease.

Every girl in her childhood wears her princess’ dresses and stand in front of her mirror imagining herself entering her wedding in a beautiful white dress looking all royal. Well, Carolina Herrera has transformed these dreams into reality! Her wedding collection is a trademark with silk strapless gown, and the ivory floral lace column gown is majestic with the flowing cloth.

The burgeoning fashion industry is enhanced by some amazing people with fantastic taste in fashion.
Kendall Jenner has made her way to the top in the list of fashion icons. She has always kept her looks comfortable yet contemporary. The three times ‘Teen Choice model’ winner has been setting all the trends with her ruffled dress with boots, mesh turtleneck with denim shorts and pink sandals, lilac striped blouse paired with types of denim and a pink furry back, graphic t-shirts, sued skirts, leather heels and a variety of sneakers.

Gigi Hadid is always found looking gorgeous in her casual outfits. Every girl needs to learn the trend to match a cute pink crop top with a pair of leggings and sneakers. In her cat-eye glasses, she catches the eyes of everyone in her crop top and striped pants. We can’t get enough of her over-sized denim jacket and red boots. She makes the denim on denim a modern trend, especially among the youth. The pink duster coat she owns is a must-have for every girl out there.

David Beckham is famous for trying everything from hip-hop culture to hate couture. This man makes even a plain t-shirt look stylish. He adds his funk by wearing a t-shirt, blazer, trousers paired with white sneakers. He possibly has the most stylish wardrobe with sophisticated tuxedos to a dapper open plaid shirt with plain t-shirt and types of denim.

Women Fashion

Zayn Malik has become the youth sensation not only with his music but also with his amazing taste in fashion. Trendy is an understatement for him. He makes a wild peacock print suit look casual and who can forget his look with a bold collar leather jacket?

Fashion has been changing within a wink of an eye. Well after discussing all fashion and trend, I have to mention the main accessory that goes with every outfit which is self-confidence. The best way to describe fashion industry and how it works is “Fashion isn’t about following but about creating”, so keep creating go crazy with your wardrobe and wear whatever and however you like. You can be your own trend!

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