PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, popularly known as PUBG is undoubtedly the game of the year that has raised the bar of mobile shooter games for sure. The avid fans of the game are playing it on PC as well as mobile devices. Available on Google Play and App Store, PUBG is one of the latest addiction that’s hitting people everywhere around the globe.


Here are the fantastic things that you need to know about the PUBG addiction:

Quick to learn: PUBG is one of the fastest games to learn. You can play solo as well as a team. All you need to do is start by landing at some place that seems obscure, and it’s done. The mission of PUBG couldn’t have been more straightforward than a surviving task. Of course, you get BPs at for crossing levels, killing opponents and more. As you land, you have to find weapons and equipment relevant to your mission and carry on to the further. Though, the stakes in the game increase as the time passes, a sound strategy can hold you in place. People often have various plans for survival; some turn into an attacking mode while others go defensive. If you’ve just getting started with PUBG, you can play defensive and keep sneaking into the play area to avoid confrontation. This might help you achieve the goal faster, after all, it’s about staying longest in the game.

Challenging to master: Even though PUBG is one of the easy games to play, you cannot master it in a few plays. Surviving is simple but one of the toughest missions of the gaming world. Consider it the virtual version of the hunger games, where you have to do everything to be the ultimate survivor of the game. The tension in the game is excellent and starts feeling rewarding as soon as you grab a few kills in the game. The increasing difficulty of the game and the urge to survive is what makes PUBG addictive for the gamers. Finding out the right weapons for you and discovering their range is also an intriguing aspect of the game.

Many players: PUBG has more than a million players around the globe now. The relevance of these players can be advantageous concerning the play time. You can easily find a live game with players within seconds. The reduction in queue times makes it an addictive choice for players everywhere. Though, you may sometimes come across a game where the players from a particular region speak a language entirely different from yours. However, if you’re playing with your squad too, it can be a fun experience. The game is a pro for a first-person shooter game, and there’s no reason to miss it.

Package for all levels: The game comes with a package for all levels. Whether you’re a lazy shooter or keep missing your shots, it has adventure packed elements for everyone. The game is credibly fun because of its simplicity and charm. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to FPS or a pro, you can enjoy all levels of the game in unique ways. Right from reviving a teammate to planning your survival strategy, PUBG has rewards at all levels. For a veteran, you can put your sharpshooting skills to use and play in an attack mode rather than defensive.

Natural Progress: One of the most popular elements of PUBG is its natural progress. Even for a novice, sticking to the clan and sneaking around the game promises BPs and further development into the game. Most importantly, your playing time won’t get wasted as there are points for playing every match. You can increase your BPs by playing more matches, finishing in the top 10, killing more enemies etc. Furthermore, these BPs can be used to customize your gaming character and much more. With natural progress, it is also hard to make your mark in the top 10, which is why the game becomes addictive when you start playing it and passing levels.

Room for improvement: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is improving day by day, which makes it an excellent choice to play. The amount of revenue that the company has gathered is significant, but they are not shy about putting it back into their product. The game has demonstrated visible progress than what it was in its initial days. New maps and other features are added to enhance the gameplay experience of both mobile and PC gamers.

So, if you’re shying away from gaming because you’re not a hardcore gamer, with PUBG it’s your time to be one! You can download it on your mobile phones for free and get started.

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