You know it is a Sunday when you pick up your toothbrush at noon.Sundays are a boon to humans to get rid of the daily hustle-bustle of life. It’s a 24-hour vacation where we love to pursue our hobby of being lazy. Well, in this case, waking up at dawn is impossible and then making three meals for the day is only adding salt to the injury. Brunch seems the perfect option for a lazy day.

Searching for a recipe which compensates two meals and can make you keep licking your fingers is always a task. Here are a few recipes which will make a brunch look like a cake walk.

Bacon pie:

Bacon Pie

INGREDIENTS: 5 eggs, 1 cup milk, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp pepper, 1/4 cup green onion, 1/2 cup cheddar, 1 pie crust and 7 bacon.


1.  Break the eggs in a bowl. Add milk, salt, pepper, green onion and cheddar to it. Mix it well.

2. Take the pie crust and pour the mixture in it. Bake it at 350-degree Fahrenheit or 180-degree Celsius for forty minutes.

3. Arrange the 7 bacon pieces in a criss-cross manner and bake it again at 400-degree Fahrenheit or 200-degree Celsius for twenty minutes.

Ham Rolls:

INGREDIENTS: Bread, cream cheese, ham slices, cheese slices, 1 cup powdered breadcrumbs, 1/2 cup parmesan, 2 spoons parsley, 4 eggs.


1. Take a bread slice and cut the side brown edges.

2. Using a rolling pin on the bread, make it flat and apply cream cheese on it.

3. Sandwich a slice of ham in between two cheese slices and place it on the bread and roll it in foil paper. Leave the rolls in the foil for fifteen minutes.

4. Till then take two bowls, break the eggs in one of them and whisk it. In the second bowl add powdered breadcrumbs, parmesan, and parsley. Mix them well.

5. Now remove the rolls from the foil and dip them in bowl 1 and then in bowl 2 containing the mixture.

6. Take a pan, pour some oil in it and cook the rolls.

 Macaroni Pola:

INGREDIENTS: 4 eggs, 1 pack of macaroni, 2 big meat pieces, 3 onions, 3 chilies, 3 small pieces of ginger, 1 garlic, few- curry leaves and coriander leaves, pepper powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder and salt as required.


1. Cook the meat by adding pepper powder, coriander powder(one tsp), turmeric powder, with salt and water for some time.

2. Put the cooked meat in a mixer grinder and shred it.

3. Put the chilies, garlic and ginger pieces in the grinder and crush them to make a paste.

4. Add some oil to a pan and sauté the paste and curry leaves in it. Add chopped onions and continue sautéing till they turn brown. To make it tasty add a little turmeric powder, pepper powder and salt in it.

5. Put the shredded meat and sauté it as well. Switch off the stove after adding a few coriander leaves and curry leaves.

6. Take a new utensil and heat the macaroni in water for some time. Add the salt in it.Remove water from it and keep them on a plate.

7. Break the five eggs in an another vessel. On adding some salt and pepper powder beat them well. Add some amount of the meat mixture and macaroni in it and mix them well.

8. Take a pan and pour some oil and the macaroni mixture. Cook them in low flame.

” Hakuna Mimosa” – It means it’s brunch time! Any meal of the day is incomplete without something to sip on. Well, the perfect combination for brunch would be a mimosa.

 Mimosa is a cocktail containing equal parts of champagne and chilled citrus juice, generally orange juice.

Smoothies are also a preferable drink to sip on especially for kids.

Banana and fig Smoothie:

INGREDIENTS: One banana cut into pieces, two chopped figs, 1 cup almond milk or yogurt, 2 tbsp flaxseeds and 1 tsp honey.

METHOD: Mix all the ingredients and blend it well.

These recipes will add a cherry on the cake to your Sunday Brunch without making it a tedious task.

Editor: Devanshi Shah

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