It is known that childhood is the best period of a person life. Children have a different outlook on the world, and they often tend to stay tension free. While growing up, children have various demands from their parents- starting from different types of food to various toys. Toys play an essential role in a kid’s life. They are provided with toys from infancy. When one is teething, they are given a different set of toys. After they start growing up, they are presented with various types of learning toys which help them develop a sense of intelligence. Although it is known that every kind of toys can’t be given to children of different age, but a guide should be followed for distributing the toys.

With the help of science and technology, one can learn about age-appropriate toys and buy them accordingly for the babies. There are various guides available that will help to choose the appropriate toys for the specific age of children. Some of these methods to select are mentioned below.

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Toys are essential for children as they help them learn new things and at times give them company. It is crucial to keep in mind which types of toys children should have based on their age. Here is a guide to choose toys for appropriate age:

0-6 months- Small babies are often amused by various sounds, movement and simple visuals. Infants are usually discovering their body movement, different eye-hand coordination, trying to reach and grasp objects. The most appropriate toys for babies in this age group are rattles, busy boxes, mobiles and any objects they can pull, squeeze, kick and shake.

6-8 months- Once the baby reaches this age they learn to hold small toys. They tend to repeat activities to master it. One of the main things they love to do is putting the box inside a box and taking it out. Hence building blocks can be a useful game for them. The babies also need teething toys as they also tend to bite into whatever they find near them. The teething toys should be sterilized before giving it to the infants as the dirt in them can harm or make the babies sick.

8-18 months- This is the age when the babies can understand the results, decide what they want and take actions to achieve it. They try on doing various activities, experiment with different size and shape. The age-appropriate toys available are rings on poles, push and pull toys, nesting toys, shape sorters, blocks and take apart toys.

18-24 months- Children who fall under this age group can be called toddlers. Once they reach a certain age their ability to imagine things starts to develop. Toys and games such as dress up, toy cars and trucks, kitchen set, dolls, action figures can be introduced to the children.

2-4 years- Kids in this age range starts their preschool which helps them learn new things. They love to pretend play while doing other activities. They can be given farm set or house sets. Various types of development toys such as crayons, play-doh, finger paints can be provided to them. They love to solve puzzles, build different sculptures with the help of Legos, other construction toys come in handy. Kids of this age group also love to play with drums and flutes. A variety of musical instruments is available in the market for them.

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Nowadays there are supermarkets almost in every part of the world, and they offer a large kids section where toys are classified and sorted according to the age group. Parents get the liberty to choose from the full range of toys displayed there. At the same time, various online websites are now being created which only sells toys and other things for the kids of different age. Particular attention is given while choosing the toys as infants can’t play with everything, and there are possibilities of them choking into small pieces of toys. One needs to keep in mind these aspects before buying any toys. Various coupons are available for instant discount on baby products. Likewise, is also available to grab a special discount off on products and toys for the kids.

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