What are you planning to gift her this Valentine’s Day?



It’s the Valentine’s week and it is that time of the year when you are surprising your partner with gifts galore. Love is in the air and you should leave no stone unturned to show your love and affection to the special person in your life. As they say, the best things in life are free or do not cost much. Love can be expressed not in an expensive way but with little and simple things that can steal your heart away.
Flowers, gifts and chocolates make up most of the Valentine’s Day gifts and in fact there are two days of this Valentine’s week dedicated to these two items. But just like there cannot be just one day to express love to your special one, there cannot be just one day to offer some beautiful roses or tempting chocolates to your lady love. Even if you buy expensive gifts for her, she will always wish for a touching bar of chocolate or a red rose from your side. In fact, Valentine’s Day is practically incomplete with chocolates and roses. So whatever other plans you have for her make sure you never miss out on these two classic gifts of all times. Here are some ideas to touch her heart this Valentine’s Day with some simple gift ideas that incorporate flowers and chocolates in innovative ways:

1. A flower every hour- Nothing touches a heart more than the lovely blooms of nature. If you feel roses are cliched there are various other flowers to pick up. You hardly need to spend a lot buying bouquets from some expensive florist to make this happen. Visit your local florist to pick up the fresh and bright flowers and gift them along with a poem or a note of love to surprise her every hour in a romantic way. Flowers can really heighten the romance in life and if you can make this happen, your Valentine’s Day is bound to be the best this year.

2. Say it in a chocolatey way- There are very few better ways to express your love than saying it with chocolates. Chocolates go hand in hand with love and are said to increase the romance factor in life. Gift her a heart shaped box filled with chocolatey delights to surprise her in the best way possible. Express your true feelings with the sweetness of chocolates giving your life a romantic start. You can also create an assortment of her favourite brands of chocolates to make her the happiest woman on earth on the day of love.

3. Assorted goody bag- Stuff a goody bag with cute gifts like candies, chocolates, a love letter and a small gift like a pendant or a dress. Make sure you keep in mind her favourite items or her favourite colour while assorting the items. Such little gestures really touch the heart and fill the air with love and romance.

4. A greeting card for her- True gifts are never expensive and a handmade assorted goody bag seriously won’t cost you much. Anything that is handmade has loads of emotions and love involved in it. In fact, a handmade card speaks gallons of love and can be the best gift for her at any point of time. Think of innovative ideas to create a card or make a photo collage of your best moments to gift her something she would preserve for a lifetime. But do not forget to add a bunch of some sweet smelling, lovely flowers along with this to touch her in the warmest way. She cannot help being moved to tears after receiving such a heartwarming gift.

5. An aromatic gift to kindle love- It is a fact that some lovely aroma in the air can kindle love and romance between partners. Know her tastes well before presenting her an aromatic bottle of perfume along with a few fragrant flowers. This is a really beautiful way to find the key to a woman’s heart and make her feel your true love that cares for her soft emotions.

6. A romantic dinner with chocolatey delights- Take her out for a cosy, simple and romantic dinner in a beautiful ambience, decorated with loads of white flowers, soft lights and scented candles. Treat her to her favourite dishes and do not forget to order some delicious chocolatey desserts to end the day on a sweet note and keep the romance happily sailing.

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