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When a baby is born, it fills your life with lots of surprises. Taking care of your new born turns out to be a very tough job. It is necessary to provide all the best things to your child right starting from the clothing to their feeding items. Mothercare brand is one of the longest and best-known establishments in the UK. It is often called the one-stop shop. Mothercare gives a tough competition to all other UK baby equipment markets and stores, starting from its department stores to supermarkets. It shares 28% of the total baby-feeding hardware in the UK. There are different categories which include baby car-seats, bottles, nappies, pushchairs, etc.

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Their products are divided into five groups which help you in your different stages of motherhood. From the time of pregnancy, becoming a parent to encouraging your child, the products of Mothercare suits your lifestyle as well as your requirements.

What are various products that Mothercare offers?

Mothercare offers a wide range of products. Few of them are listed below:

• The Nuna Leaf Rocker: color Mothercare brings you the cheap and best Nuna leaf rocker gently which rocks your baby and provides a comfortable seat for your little one. It comes in brushed color and gives it an elegant look. The seat is made of organic cotton which is soft and light and is easily washable. When you order this product from DealVoucherz, you can get them in best deals. You just need to look for Mothercare discount codes.

• The Daisy Chain Bedding Set: This bed fulfills all the needs of your baby’s bed. The complete set includes a sheet, a blanket made of fleece, coverlet and a bumper. You can easily pack the bed in a zipped PVC bag. The bumper constantly checks for any bumper and thus keeps your child secure. Make that extra saving by ordering it today and get an extra floral printed blanket with the daisy chain bedding set.

• The Mothercare Sports Car Seat: Going for that long ride with your family? Now keep your baby safe with the sports car seat. The seats are completely comfortable with extra safety protection. You can easily fit the seat in your car and can even be used for the everyday purpose. It has an integral harness which keeps your child secured to the car seat. The head support cushion along with the soft padded body adds an extra feature to this product. Mothercare offers a two-year warranty on this product. The seat is removable and can easily be hand washed.

• The ECL Magnetic Play Centre: This product is best suited for children above 3 years. It comes with a magnetic chalk board which is portable. The colorful play center completely packs into a single case. Your children can easily practice spelling and recognize letters with the help of this multifunctional kit. It also has a box of chalk with the help of which it is easy for your child to draw pictures, write letters and numbers on the board. There is no risk of losing any of the pieces because they easily fit into the case.
Mothercare brings you their brand new collection:
The beautifully designed floral print dress is an essential for your child’s wardrobe. Here you can get dresses for every occasion. Some of them are as follows:
• Button sleep suits: These adorable sleep suits come in three packs. Softest cotton is used in the manufacturing process of these clothes. It keeps the arms of your children warm with its long sleeves.
• Badge jacket: Provide that perfect layer to your child’s outfit with this badge jacket. The zip guard protects from the pinching of the skin. They serve as a perfect outfit for the winter season.
• The anchor shirt: It has a cute chest pocket and the cloth is made of finest cotton. Having short sleeves, they are a perfect summer outfit. It is machine washable.
• Daisy shoes: This navy blue color shoe is having floral embroidery. These shoes add a gorgeous and pretty touch to any of your child’s outfit. The soles are slip resistant which protects your child from falling.

Besides all these, Mothercare offers a wide variety of discounts and sales. Their products also include music CDs and DVDs which aims at stimulating and developing your child’s personality. Mothercare does its promotion with the help of numerous activities in their store such as providing baby massage and first aid courses. They are also involved in various charitable activities and help parents who have prematurely born children or children with birth defects.

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