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Now that Valentine’s Day is here, people are scrambling left and right, wracking their brains trying to find the perfect gifts for the special people in their lives. Let’s be honest, finding the perfect gift for someone is no joke, especially when those people are so important in our lives. But worry not, we are here to help. Here are a few ideas as to some interesting gifts for your Valentine this year.

  • A Day at the Spa:
    Daily life is hectic and leaves your drained of your energy. So why not opt for a spa day gift coupon, or better yet, why not opt for a couple’s spa day? Not only will that be an exceptionally thoughtful gift for your other half, but the two of you will also get to spend a lot of alone time together. Alternative gifts: A day out in a music festival or a food festival. Ultimately, it all comes down to spending some quality alone time together with your special someone. So, the venue is insignificant, right? 
  • Volunteering at an animal shelter:
    What better way to be happy than to spend time with animals? There are literally thousands of animal shelters in your city that need constant help from volunteers and youngsters. So take some time off of your busy schedule, and spend a day at a local animal shelter with your partner. We promise, it will be some of the most amazing hours of your lives. And who knows, maybe with a little effort from the two of you, you may also be able to get some of the fur babies adopted, or better yet, bring home one for yourself! Alternative gift: If you are allergic to animals, you can always volunteer at the local library or even the teaching center, and watch the happiness as you teach the old and the young.
  • A walk-through:
    This basically involves tons of careful planning and memory.  What you do is, take pictures of all of the places that you love or have visited with your partner, and put them together.  You put them together in an album, write little notes behind them. Then, you take your partner with you to all of those places, and click one more picture, as a way of making new memories in an old place. Alternative gift: A long drive through the places that they love, along with a picnic with their favorite food, that is one of the simples and most intimate gifts that you can plan for your significant other this year.
  • Recreate a movie scene
    Hear us out! Every couple has a favorite movie, right? Be it “A Walk to Remember” or “In the Mood for Love” every woman has dreamed of herself as the heroine in her favorite romantic movie at least once (yes, speaking from experience), and this year, why not turn that fantasy into a reality for your significant other? Go the extra mile and work out those romantic scenes from reel life into your real life.
    Alternative gift: If you feel a little too silly doing this, out in the open, among a bunch of strangers, you can always take it down a notch and instead, try to recreate the scene of your very first date, including all of the clothes you wore, the food you ordered or even the movies you watched.
  • The bling factor
    If all else fails, there is always jewelry which you can turn to as your last resort. For most of us, who are bad at giving gifts, jewelry has been a life saver. There is a wide range for you to choose from. From simple pearl drop earrings for your girlfriend to an entirely new platinum and diamond wedding band for your spouse, the choices and options are endless. The thing about jewelry, is that there is something for everyone.

unique valentine gift

In fact, you can go one step ahead and customize it to your partner’s liking by adding a few special charms, engraving something on the jewelry items or adding any personal touches. So there you have it, some nice and thoughtful gifting ideas for your significant others this Valentine’s Day. But they are correct when they say that it is the thought that counts. No matter how expensive, inexpensive, extravagant or simple your Valentine’s Day gift is, we are sure that it is your love and your thoughtfulness that will matter.

So go ahead and get creative, and Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!

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