Off shoulder tops are the latest trends of this year’s spring/summer trend and you, my dear need to revamp your wardrobe if you do not have at least one of these versatile tops in your collection. These tops if properly accessorized, can give you a new look every time you wear them! Be it cute or sexy, sassy or punk, these are the tops that will give you all the looks you wish to flaunt. It will be wrong to say that these tops are absolutely new in fashion. Let the truth be spoken—they actually existed long back and carried an elegant look. This trend is however back with a bang and is every girl’s go-to fashion. So, if you already do not have one, hurry up and without a second thought, go buy one! If you already have half a closet full of them, we bring you five ways of styling using shoulder tops. Read on and keep flaunting your shoulders!

Shoulder top

Yes, you guessed it right! There can be no style as evergreen as the top and jeans combination. Pair your off-shoulder top with a pair of jeans that looks well with the color and pattern of your top. You can choose from boyfriend jeans and a pair of flip flops for an ultra-casual look. Add to the feminine look by pairing it up with a pair of flared jeans and a fancy sandal. You can also team it up with a skinny jeans and knee ankle length boots for the ultimate diva look. Choose your earrings or watch in a way so as to make sure you do not overdo the look. Keep in mind that this is a regular look which will make you stand out, adding too much bling and junk might spoil the motto. So, there you go, just choose the proper pair of jeans and you are all set to turn heads!


Seems to me, off shoulder tops offer such a beautiful look to all girls when they team it up with A-line skirts. You can also team it up with maxi skirts with flares or even the slim fit ones. Tuck in your top. You can choose a floral printed skirt if your off-shoulder top is a solid color. Likewise, you can choose a skirt of solid color if your off-shoulder top is printed. However, do not make the mistake of going for a combination of a printed top and a printed skirt. That will be really too much of pain for the eyes of the beholders! To exaggerate the elegant look, wear a stiletto or high heeled tip toes. If you are not a high heeled girl, choose to tie up flats or gladiators. To add cuteness to the look, you can slip into a pair of colorful pump shoes.


Yes, you heard it right! You might wonder why anyone would like to cover up the shoulders while wearing an off-shoulder top or more importantly, why anyone who does not wish to flaunt her shoulders will choose to have them. Let’s face the truth. There are women who feel shy while flaunting their shoulders but they love the style nevertheless. Moreover, there might be occasions when you cannot afford to flaunt much of skin but you want to look different and stylish all the same. Moreover, if you love your off-shoulder tops so much, can you really forget about them when it starts getting cold outside and you get chills running through your spine when the cool breeze brushes against your shoulders? In that case, all you need to do is layer it up by wearing a long neck body hugging inner under the top. You can also wear a shirt under the top. However, make sure that the color of the inner top and the off-shoulder top is well coordinated.


This is perhaps the cutest of all looks! Pair your top with a high waist mini skirt or shorts. Don’t forget to tuck in your top. The mini bottoms can be denim or printed as you like it. Slip into a pair of knee length boots and give your look a new twist by wearing a hat. Wear a choker or a number of long chains to create a blend of cuteness and sassiness!


Choose a crop off shoulder top and pair it up with dungarees. Do I need to say anymore? You can already imagine the look and at once this must be the look you will want to try out as soon as possible. Wear a pair of sneakers and walk smart. Could any other combination make you look this effortlessly sexy yet smart yet cute yet sassy?

Editor: Mousumi Gharami

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