“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands.

It’s about something else that comes from within you.”

– Ralph Lauren

With advancing centuries, female fashion has transformed from bell-bottom to skin-fit jeans. In this jet age, we are offered with a plethora of styles, designs, and comfort. However fitting into skinny clothes is sometimes uncomfortable. Having a healthy body is completely normal. You don’t need to put your body through the torture of a diet just to fit in skinny clothes. You just need to know a few fashion hacks that would suit your body.

The first important thing is to know your body type. The next thing which is necessary is self-assurance about being beautiful the way you are. Fashion isn’t about what you are wearing but how you carry it.

“Confidence is Your Fashion Statement.”

You can relive the 90s style and still have all eyes on you.

Now that you are confident about your body let’s get started with these simple fashion hacks. Black should be every women’s color. It is the one color that compliments every body type. Dark color combinations suit a healthy body well. Talking about being healthy, if you have a healthier upper body, you can give these fashion hacks a thought.


1. If you have massive arms, avoid wearing sleeveless and tight sleeve tops. Rather prefer bell sleeves, butterfly sleeves, lantern sleeves, petal sleeves or a circular cap.

2. If you live in a sunny place, wearing sleeveless becomes the need of the hour. You can pair your sleeveless tee with a printed kimono shrug or any long cotton shrug.

3.  Boat necks, florentine necks, and wide v-neck tops help to elongate a thick neck and make the neckline more prominent. Avoid turtlenecks if you have a short and thick neck.

4. Choose your t-shirts and tops wisely. Prefer vertical stripes over horizontal ones. Horizontal lines make your torso look wide.

5. In the case of fat tummy trouble, do not buy body-clinging tops or dresses. Loose t-shirts, denim shirts, sweatshirts and drop shoulder tops are always trending and will your purpose as well. Decline over-sized clothes as they may tend to make you look bulky.

Most females face a problem with having a fat lower body. A helpful reminder here would be – not having a thigh gap is normal and healthy rather than having one. Simple hacks to deal with thunder thighs and a fat lower body overall are:

1. Always prefer high-waist jeans. They tend to make your lower body look toned and enhances your curves. They are comfortable as well. Make sure you choose jeans that fit correctly from your waist, hips, and thighs. If finding jeans of the correct fit is a toiling task, you can rest assured by getting the stitched.

2. Since hot shorts will not be helpful to thunder thighs, try wearing capris and seven-eighths with distressed ends, to meet the latest fashion trends.

3. Skirts and palazzos have been a boon to the fashion industry. Prefer long pleated, flared and bell skirts over straight, A-line, slit, leather and pant-skirts.

Dresses do not suit a healthy body is a myth. Not feeling good about yourself in a little black dress is normal, but we forget that long dresses look beautiful. Non-body clinging, knee, calf or ankle length dresses are chic and pairing them with wedges and stilettos will make a bold look. Pairing any look with heels is always a good idea. It makes you feel tall. However heels need not always be five or six inches, a two inches heel would also make a visible difference.

With all these fashion hacks you will hopefully feel less conscious about a healthy body. Even your unicorn pajamas can become a fashion statement if you have a confident stride while walking down the street. You are the trend, not your clothes.

Iris Apfel rightly said,

” I always feel that if you’re gonna be uncomfortable and unhappy in something,

just because you think it’s in or it’s chic, I would advise you to be happy rather then well-dressed. It’s better to be happy.”

Editor: Devanshi Shah

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