Exercise Must-Haves



You must be experiencing anxious bouts by one slightest thought. Are you getting a sense of frustration throughout the day due to the constant huffing and puffing after the smallest walk outdoor? Maybe your heart has started its journey towards failure! Or worst – chances are it may just give up. Visit your doctor with the above symptoms, the first thing recommended would be to wear your running shoes and sprint around the country or to dust your old bike or go hiking in the hills.

Exercise makes you feel wanted and loved; it keeps you away from lot of diseases, and increases your chances of living longer. Doctors have advised working out, for reducing risks of several diseases like heart strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc. Apart from physical rewards, it also has healing powers for various psychological illnesses like depression and anxiety attacks. You build a stronger immune system and you can have fun with your self.

For most of us, work outs are really boring. For a lot of us it can be monotonous if we don’t have the correct fitness accessories on us. One should look and feel good while one works out. It’s a proven fact that people who work out with their best looks on, tend to reduce weight faster.

Let me list down the Exercise Must-Haves:

  • Headbands for instance are a must-have gym accessory for women as they not only keep the tresses out of sight while working out, but bright colored headbands can go a long way in making one feel really chic about herself. In that headbands should not be a very rigid affair also as these then tend to be a disruption. These should be stretchable & soft.
  • Next can be a Hand Towel. There is a lot of choice available with various brands to make it look stylish and cool. This is an important accessory in my view as it dries you fresh after you have sweated yourself out with the heavy weights. This, in my recommendation should be a soft piece and should be able to dry you out almost instantly as you place it on yourself. Colors can be varied – pink, purple, orange, neon yellow, green. Avoid blacks and whites in these, as blacks tend to be too drone-looking and whites tend to spoil themselves too soon.


  • Everyone wants to have a good MP3 player on you to keep you entertained throughout your work-out session. It should be sleek, easy to handle, good battery life and expandable memory slots.
  • One of the most important – a good pair of Shoes. There is a wide variety of shoes for various forms of exercise available in the market. This includes shoes for running, trekking, skating, wrestling, dancing, so on and so forth. Cozy shoes can be awesome gym partners if these give thy feet, breathing space they require. These can make one feel lighter than they usually are. These should be flexible and finely cushioned for protection. Brands these days offer several choices in terms of colors and grips.
  • Being hydrated during exercise is a must. A good insulated Water Bottle keeps one hydrated. Hydration in turn ensures better muscle recovery. Some of us like to sip on an electrolyte mix after a rigorous work out. For them they have blender bottles in the market which can convert into a mixer when required.
  • One carries whole lot of possessions in the gym bag and what better choice than a Duffel Bag to hold it all together firmly. Comfy leather duffel can keep your shoes, bottle, hand towel, wallet, cell phone, mp3 player and headphones compact and secure.

Next time for your work out session to be sheer delight make sure you have all your accessories in place.

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