In today’s world, everyone has many responsibilities. With every passing day, new business is emerging all over the world. Starting a business might not seem so hard, but it requires a lot of work to keep it running. One has to put a lot of hard work, many hours of labour and deal with a ton of stress. There are new obstacles every day that one has to deal with and overcome. If said in a simple world, the entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.


The fashion industry is growing very fast with some of the well-known people from the industry ruling it. In recent years, a lot of female entrepreneurs are seeing success. The struggle to survive in the fashion industry is tough. But one can only look up to the female entrepreneur and make them their inspiration. These entrepreneurs share some common traits or characteristics, which help them to gain more success with each passing day. Few of those characteristics that these female fashion entrepreneurs share are as follows:

They work hard to grow the business – 

In a recent study, it is seen that most successful female fashion entrepreneurs take very fewer vacations. They seem to put all their time in the business. Even during the weekend, they don’t stop working. And they take just a couple of vacation during the year. It is essential to work hard as the fashion industry has fierce competition. And one needs to be at their top of the game to survive and make their place permanent.

Having confidence in themselves and their business –

One of the keys to a successful business is having confidence. Having confidence in oneself is essential. Believing they can overcome any situation that comes their way. But having too much confidence can lead to business downfall. Because at the beginning apart from being the CEO they also have to do a basic job like making coffee.

The capability of risk tolerance –

When starting a business, the entrepreneur should keep in mind all the risk that lies ahead. It is seen that most people are afraid to take the risk. It should be noted that on the other side of the risk lies a handful of opportunities. If people don’t take the risk, they automatically lose out on the possible opportunities. Hence one has to be intelligent to sense uncertainty and prepare to take it.

Continuing to seek new customers every day –

For every business to grow, they need new customers to purchase their product or service. The main aim of every growing business or entrepreneurs should be gaining new customers. There are many ways to have new customers. It is important to communicate with the customers and keep them satisfied. If the customers are satisfied, then they will come back and recommend the company to new people.

Not having a college degree –

From the surveys done in the fashion industry, it is seen that the majority of fashion entrepreneurs do not have a college degree. As it is known one does not need a degree to make it big in the fashion industry. Some people are born with the quality of leading a company and being an entrepreneur. More than half or approximately 53% of the fashion entrepreneurs does not hold a college degree.

Investing in their own business –

Every business needs cash inflow to keep going. The fashion industry, in particular, is not very cheap. According to a different study it is seen that most people invest in their own business. When the entrepreneurs have surplus cash, they tend to reinvest it. Even nearly fifty per cent said they invest their personal saving in the business as well.

Maintaining flexibility in the business –

The fashion industry is changing every day. To survive and maintain a steady place in the industry, one has to be agile. Adapting to changes is crucial, as it will help in the growth. People who are adamant of not changing would eventually lose out and get out of the game. Hence one needs to act quickly and before it loses the spark.

Having a passion for growing more –

There are many books, articles, and videos about how to grow a business in the fashion industry. Although they are very useful having passion is very important. According to some well-known female fashion entrepreneurs, having a desire to grow the business is the key to success. If they have enough passion, it will motivate them to take a risk and get through tough times. Passion will also keep one determined to work harder and gain success.

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