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Who doesn’t love adventures? The heart thumping adrenaline rush which runs down one’s body when they are about to bungee jump or experience a free fall. Adventures have no bounds, no limits and no horizon. Adventurers have a thirst for trying out new and perhaps even risky things, just to feel the insane rush in their body.

Imagine paragliding in the Yorkshire Dale? It may feel like a short-lived dream, experiencing the insane. It may feel spectacular seeing the expanse of the water and not being able to hear or feel much. Peace. The Summer Hill country park in North Yorkshire offers the best of adventure sports, transformed into a conservating park.

Summerhill Country Park has open access facilities for rock climbing, cycling, walking, orienteering and playing. Activity sessions in archery, high ropes, rock climbing, orienteering, team games, nature study etc. is also available for the public. There exist a boulser park, a BMX cycling course, and facilities to practice archery.

Various countries in the world give the experience of free fall or skydiving as we know it. Not only does one get to experience this, they even get to watch the entire video of themselves prior to the dive and while at it. Hot air balloons are more touristy than adventurous, but nevertheless, it is a once in a lifetime experience. The skydiving center in Salisbury, for example, is well known.

The adventurer:

He is fearless and abrupt. The adventurer never hesitates to try various new sports in short notice. They may be unprepared, but they have the zeal to gear up and face a situation which demands bravery to participate. An adventurer would find exploring underwater expanses more captivating than visiting a casino. He would prefer trekking to the Lochs better than a shopping day out in London. He would be a brave backpacker, ready to face the most insane situations. An adventurer’s spirit wanders and is hard to catch hold of. Activities such as scuba diving, surfing, mountain climbing, deep water diving etc. may require training prior to participation. Certain adventure sports are risky and require a guide for the first time. They are usually trained individuals, specialized in the activity and has the zeal for it.

Adventures triggers psychological arousal and makes the individual happy high. So, make sure that you try at least some of the adventure sports while you are in these places. You can also research a bit about the various discounts and offers that many travel agencies often come up with!

Alice in Wonderland!

The epitome of childhood fictional adventures was given to us by this famous book by Lewis Carroll. Alice is a wanderer, a curious child seeking the unknown. She bluntly goes into the rabbit hole, following a tiny little rabbit and has the best adventures of her life. Similar manifestations of adventure are read in books by Enid Blyton, like The Famous Five and The Secret Seven. Oh, what fun it was to read those books as a curious child!

Adventurers often are seen involved in extreme sports. These sports involve high levels of danger and risk and is not recommended for the regular man. These sports are featured on various channels in the television and involve highly specialized gears and professional involvement.

Adventure diary

Examples of few of such sports would be motorcycle racing rallying, motocross, water skiing, parachuting, windsurfing, mountain biking, BMX racing etc. Activities like songs suit flying, which are newer domains in this field involve very high risk and the mortality rate can also vary. They carry the potential for permanent damage and injury to life, making it popular only among the fearless. Some of the risks involved are brown injuries, frontal lobe injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, kidney injury, lacerations and so on and so forth. It is best to seek extreme professional help while conducting such activities and participating in it. Individuals are asked to sign legal papers before readily indulging into these activities. They should be aware of the risks involved.

For some, speed may be the sexiest form of adventure sports, but there is nothing sexy about being in the hospital without your head split open. Adventures are something which needs to be explored with caution, and for individuals who love doing it, they should involve themselves in less risky versions of adrenaline pumping activities which involve low chances of injuries.

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