10 Fashion Mistakes That Men Make & You Should Know & Avoid Them!!!



Common fashion sense is what women expect men should deal with and therefore style mistake is something that men want to avoid in general. These mistakes are so general that you do not even realize its impact. Do you want to know the 10 fashion mistakes that men make so that you can avoid them? Just read on….

  1. Wearing wrinkled clothes

Wearing wrinkled clothes gives an appearance as if you slept in your clothes. Going to the office or for a date with wrinkled clothes on is definitely not going to save you. You just need to spare a few minutes and iron your clothes and then walk out to hit your destination offering a decent look.


  1. Wearing shining stuff

Wearing shiny suits or glittering shirts seems very loud and give a cheap look. Avoid wearing these shining stuff and instead try on cashmere, linen as an evening dress which promotes a rich statement.


  1. Over display of designer labels

This is not only a mistake made by men but by both men and women alike. At the end of the day overdoing designer labels portrays your image of showing off and bragging rather than giving a rich look. It seems like the brand or the logo is wearing you and not you wearing some classy attire. A class presented or expressed in a subtle and effective way is much more appealing.


  1. Dressing funnily

The dressing should be according to the occasion to save yourself from embarrassment. Not always will a funny tie or a slogan t-shirt look good. These types of clothes look nice only sometimes and should not become your clothing style.

Also, be sure of the colours you are wearing, you should not look like a clown hanging around. This will not promote your sense of humour and instead, you may go for a cheap laugh among your friends and peers.


  1. Wearing clothes with stain

How can someone just ignore the stain on the piece of cloth the next time they wear it? It not only looks tacky but also gives an impression that you are so unhygienic that you mind washing your clothes before wearing them the next time. Do not keep wearing stained clothes and get them dry-cleaned and make sure it is stainless the next time you wear it.

clothes with stain


  1. Wearing clothes that are small for your fit

If you have gained some weight then it is better to invest in buying some new clothes rather than trying to fit the old ones and make fun of yourself with those shirts and pants looking like cheap sausage holders rather than apparels.


  1. Wearing clothes that are oversized

Wearing clothes that are too big is as bad as wearing clothes that are too small for your body to fit in. Who likes to look at a person who has his sleeves hanging, collar drooping or length of the pant mopping the floor? Buy clothes of your size or get them altered before wearing them out.


  1. Wearing accessories that are too shiny

We should agree that jewelry and other shining accessories look good on women but they may seem too much for a man to carry. A watch and a decent ring should be enough to accessorize a man. And yes, remember not to cross the fine line which separates elegant from being gaudy!!!


  1. Wearing socks with sandals?

You might be laughing at this but yes men do make this mistake of wearing socks with sandals. It seems so senseless but yet men do it. If you are feeling cold, put up the socks with a pair of shoes instead.


10.Wearing the short sleeved shirt with a tie

A tie is supposed to be worn with a full-sleeved shirt and not at all with a short sleeve. Folding up the sleeves with the tie still on is still acceptable but not with a short sleeve.


Now that you know the most common 10 fashion mistakes that men make, be sure that you do not make these same mistakes and if you do, just learn to fix them. Go out, look for some discounts, deals, and offers at DealVoucherz and promote your personality with a new wardrobe.


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