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Tooled Up

Up To 20% Off On Plumbing Tools

  • January 7, 2017
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Tooled Up

Up To 50% Off On Power Tool Accessories Sale Items

  • January 7, 2017
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Tooled Up

Up To 13% Off On Various Cordless Drill Drivers

  • January 7, 2017
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Tooled Up


Tooled Up is the place to look up if you need anything related to tools. This is the ultimate one stop solution to get any tool for each and every purpose. Right from professional trade purpose tools to equipment for all DIY jobs at home, there is everything to serve all kinds of needs. Tooled Up stores a vast range of devices and the collection is just unbeatable. All the praise that comes flowing in for Tooled Up owes to the biggest collection of tools for every purpose in the world. Tooled Up offers the most competitive prices all over the market because of the personal connection with the suppliers. Therefore, even when the prices are low, you can be assured that you are getting the best quality and authentic products. People have always shown their trust in Tooled Up because of the material they find here every time. There are products from all sorts of top brands like Bosch, Decker and such others. So whenever you need any tool for little DIY jobs here and there at home, like drilling a hole in the wall with an electric drill and such chores, Tooled Up is the place to be in. Even with more professional jobs like electrical repairs and plumbing, Tooled Up has everything that could come to use.

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Brand History

Tooled Up came up over the internet in 2000 and it began as an online store for selling tools all over the UK. The stock was increased in 2006 to cater to the rising demands for various kinds of tools. Today, there are over 65,000 products at Tooled Up selling all kinds of tools serving professional trade needs as well as personal needs. In 2011, Tooled Up secured the 2nd rank on the most visited list among all building and construction websites in the United Kingdom. This proves the popularity it has achieved over the years and the success it has met after building years of trust among the customers.

What makes them apart from others?

There must be something about Tooled Up that sets it apart from the rest of the competitors in the market. We all know how there isn’t a dearth of tools in the market nor are there any lack of suppliers. But there is something that makes Tooled Up so special and trusted among the population. First of all, there are few suppliers or stores that offer people so many different products of all categories, ranges and budgets as done by Tooled Up. As already said, the collection is simply huge, and you have all that you can ever ask for. Secondly, Tooled Up provides the products at a much lower price than other stores selling them in the market. The best prices that you see on Tooled Up are a reality. Last, but not the least, it is the quality of products that make people concretize their faith and trust in the brand called Tooled Up.

Top Deals

Tooled Up never fails to surprise its trusted customers with huge discounts, deals and offers coming up now and then. Lucrative deals are offered very frequently to let people have the best of products they want at lesser prices. If you are looking for something special, keep eyeing on the discounts coming your way to leave you pleasantly surprised.

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  • Make significant savings on power tools as you get up to 50% discount on these items from Tooled Up. Choose your required power accessories and tools to avail the huge discount on your cart value.
  • Perform all DIY jobs at home quickly by purchasing cordless drill drivers at 13% off.
  • Plumbing needs will be cheaper now as plumbing tools on Tooled Up come at 20% discount rate.
  • This one is surely huge as you can enjoy up to 62% discount on all lights and torches sold on Tooled Up. Purchase all that you have been planning to buy at a much cheaper rate than you would have thought.
  • Cleaning tools for your homes can now be bought from Tooled Up at 45% discount rates.
  • Shop all that you require because there’s 83% off coming your way on all clearance items.

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