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Ordnance Survey

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Ordnance Survey

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Ordnance Survey

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Ordnance Surveys


Maps are a great tool that helps in various ways. On the one hand, they can be used to guide people to different routes and let them understand the terrains that they’re travelling to. On the other hand, maps facilitate the development in an economy of a nation. For this reason, it is essential to have a structural mapping agency in a country.

Ordnance Surveys is the official mapping organisation of Britain. The company collaborates with government and private organisations for coming up with beneficial networks and maps that eventually benefit a lot of people. Established in the year 1971, the agency provides all mapping data that can be used for the well being of the nation. The company aims at providing solutions both at the digital and non-digital ends with accurate information being updated in its database every single minute.

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  • OS Master map: Master maps are a useful piece of information. They are beneficial not just for a nation as a whole, but also at small and individual personal levels. Master maps help in getting the geographical view of an area and decide on many things following it. As much important as it is for an economy and development of the nation, master maps are excellent sources of minute details of an area’s locality. The OS master maps at Ordnance Surveys offers remarkable insights into the geographical data and aspects of Britain. Ordnance Surveys provides these specialised master maps in different layers so that the customers can buy it as per their convenience. It is available in topography, imagery and networks. It is one of the most detailed and organised views of the scintillating lands of Britain. Right from passable roads to pathways, fences and parks, you can spot everything just like a real-life encounter.
  • OS Open data: Free maps are the best, especially when they are from an authentic organisation. The Ordnance Surveys provides free open data maps. These maps are available for anyone who wants to use them for their personal use. And since you don’t need to pay a single penny for these maps, they can be of great help at times. There are a total of twelve products in the open data of the Ordnance Surveys. You can choose from any of them according to your purpose and needs and get things sorted out for you. One of the primary open data maps offered at the Ordnance Surveys are the raster maps that help you get a picture of the geography of Britain. You can look closely into these maps with the help of the zoom feature and know about the roads and other features. You can get the Ordnance Surveys Open data by downloading it from the website or ordering a DVD for it. You can use them for your purpose for free of cost and in return just acknowledge the source of Ordnance Surveys. All you require to get started with the open data maps is a geographical information system.
  • Address base: One of the unique products offered at the Ordnance Surveys is the address base. It is an advanced feature that lets authorised institutions such as businesses and governments to deliver better customer service at their upfront. With the help of the address base, governments can identify risks and get a chance to monitor any geographical opportunities in Britain. Businesses can link valuable information that can prove to be beneficial or opportunistic to others about land or property and locate it on a map with ease. The address base turns out to be a powerful tool for direct marketing as it helps in the distinction of commercial and private addresses on the map. The Ordnance Surveys address base adds over six million individual addresses for a higher level of detail and insight into the routes. With a total of 40 million records in its database, the address base enables people to cross reference something that they need. The address base even covers historical addresses.
  • Highways Network: The highways network constitutes the next generation maps of Britain. These are primarily specialist maps showcasing the highways of the country with details for navigation and road information. Rather than being a single product, it is a family of many maps that help people understand roads and highways of Britain. With the help of highways network, you can plan your route to a particular location considering the type of vehicle that you’re using for transportation. Apart from imparting general data, the highways network by the Ordnance Surveys is an excellent tool for determining statistics and report essential mentions.

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