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Kerv Wearables

Receive Gifts @ £100

  • October 25, 2017
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Kerv Wearables

Free Delivery

  • October 25, 2017
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Kerv Wearables

Grab Accessories @ £2 Only

  • October 25, 2017
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Kerv Wearables


Kerv is a wearable company in the UK. The brand offers wearable such as rings to facilitate more comfortable payment options. Kerv ring allows people to pay at all master card supported stores without having to carry your wallet or anything else. The ring is entirely contactless and can be worn almost anywhere. The customers are required to register their accounts on Kerv and top up their rings for easy payment options at stores. Registration activates the customer’s ring for payment. The ring has unique features such as water resistance, auto top up, no charging etc.

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The option to place your order at Kerv Wearables is available right at your fingertip. Just dial our numbers or place an order online. We will take care of the rest.

  • Auto top up-

    Kerv facilitates auto top-up of its ring without any hassles. It acts just like a master card, except that you have to wear it. Kerv provides auto top-up facility whenever you’re running low on your balance. You can enjoy an effortless shopping experience with Kerv without having to worry about the balance. The ring is entirely contact-less, so you don’t have to take it off while paying for the things you need.

  • No charging-

    One of the unique qualities of the Kerv ring is that it does not require charging. This means that you never have to stress about a draining battery problem. Unlike smartphones and every other gadget, Kerv allows for a charge free experience to let to pay at any time without any hassles. No more saddling from the bag again at shopping counters.

  • Waterproof-

    Kerv ring also facilitates one of the essential features. It is waterproof so that you can wash your hands whenever without taking it off or forgetting it at places. The electronics inside the Kerv ring are sealed correctly with a waterproof material known as the hypoallergic resin. This prevents the water from seeping inside at all costs. So, you can take it to the beach and enjoy the waters or take a shower without removing it. Kerv gives plenty of secure payment options.

  • Scratch resistant-

    Rings often undergo scratches. However, since a scratched ring can damage the process of payment, the ring is made scratch less. You won't have to fret about keeping it fragile. The ring is made from well-engineered zirconia ceramic that facilitates scratch less cover. Moreover, the hypoallergic coating on the outside saves it as scratch resistant as a diamond.

Top Deals

  1. Looking for the secure payment options? Do you often forget to take your wallet to stores? Worry no more. Forget carrying your cards and portfolio to the shops. Instead of worrying about taking your money with you every time you go shopping, now you can rely on Kerv and stay tension free. Shop for all that you want at your favourite stores and pay only with a touch. Wear Kerv no matter where you go. Get the contactless payment ring at your doorstep and enjoy wallet free shopping experiences. Hurry! Place your orders now only at Kerv and get discounts like never before on your purchase.
  2. Here’s your chance to shop for the contactless payment ring at Kerv and get discounts like never before on your purchase. Avail up to 10 percent off on a selected range of products at Kerv and bring home an easy way of payment. All you require to do is wear your ring by Kerv no matter where you go and have no need of carrying your wallet. Let the ring pay for your needs. The touch-free ring lets you easily pay at all major stores. Enjoy the benefits of the Kerv contactless ring without shedding huge bucks from your pockets. Hurry! What are you waiting for? Enjoy discounts on your purchase!
  3. Tired of forgetting your master card again and again? Or are you fed up of losing it over and over again? Worry no more. Kerv wearable is there at your rescue. Now you can shop at any store at any time without having to be restricted by a master card. Just put on your Kerv ring and pay everywhere that supports a master card. Hurry! Let the contactless payment ring get you all you want!

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