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60% Off Bathroom Accessories

  • April 13, 2014
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Furniture – 20% Off

  • April 13, 2014
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50% Off @ Homebase

  • April 13, 2014
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A house is a place where we find shelter. To make your home a comfortable place to accommodate, one needs all the basic requirements so that there is an emotional attachment to this location. Thus HomeBase comes with all those products that are worth making a house into a home. Are you having the problem with your household products? Homebase is the perfect solution.

Recently, I bought a new house across the city. I was all confused regarding the kitchen decorations, the combination of floors and the walls, wardrobes, the bathroom accessories, etc. I moved in my house with my husband and my two kids. The house also has a beautiful lawn where my children could play. One of my friends recommended me with the services that homebase provides. The official website www.homebase.co.uk has the broad range of products that you are looking for. Starting from the kitchen and lightening appliances, gardening tools and equipment to providing ideas for decorating my kid’s room, homebase is the perfect match for every house. Besides they also have a helpline number. Various delivery options are being provided. I usually prefer the home delivery. Ordering few selected items online by 2 pm, next day delivery option is available to the purchasers. Sometimes I reserve my items online and collect them from my local store within 1 hour. 100% returning policy is assured. Faulty products are either repaired or replaced within 30 days. Money is completely refundable, and the process takes seven days from cancellation and collection of the product.

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Products Review

The wide range of products is available in various categories. Some of the products are as follows:

  • Bathroom accessories: It gives a complete makeover to the bathroom which ensures that it provides complete relaxation and luxury.

    Triton T80Easi-Fit: It comes with a guarantee of 2 years. It is a decent 8.5 kW electric shower with an advantage of easy installation. The special triton’s swivel technology enables the 180° rotation and has an on/off switch. It has a protective body made of plastic and is capable of supplying cold water. For making the connection the connection of the inlet to the shower, a brass compression fitting is very essential. Thus it never fails to provide a soothing shower after a long tiring day.

  • Cleaning accessories: A house with two kids requires constant cleaning, so a vacuum cleaner is a must pick.

    Karcher WD3 tight vac wet and dry vacuum cleaner: It comes with a guarantee of 2 years. It is compatible only with internal uses. It comes along with suction tubes, wet and dry tools, brush and dust bags. I find it very easy to operate the machine, and it is secure. It is not required to change the cartridge. There is a “push and pull” locking system. The powerful motor of the cleaner makes it a right choice for the cleaning purpose.

  • Gardening care: Besides my house, it is crutial to take care of the surroundings. I have a small lawn where my kids spent most of their time playing. Homebase comes with a variety of gardening tools and equipment, furniture, plant food.

    Homebase multipurpose compost- 120L: It is suitable for most of the plants. The compost is free from lumps and mixes well with the soil leaving a fine texture. Now my plants look healthy than before, and the flowers cope up with the frequent environmental changes. It can be used to feed the plants for five weeks.

  • Kitchen appliances: Homebase is the perfect guide for a complete kitchen. Starting from dishwashers to fridge and ovens, homebase has a full range of kitchen appliances and accessories. If you are still not satisfied, then you should have a look at Betterware.

    Miele G4263SCVI Built-in dishwasher: - This product is one of the best kitchen appliances available on the website. This particular product allows sparkling clean washes of your dishes with its integrated dishwasher which comes at a full size. The G4263SCVI model is incredible in terms of its energy efficiency which gives it an A+ rating for energy. It delivers excellent cleaning as well as drying results and hence makes it a highly economical buy. With this kind of high efficiency, the product lets your kitchen stay eco-friendly as well as efficient. The features of this product are listed below.

    • Stainless steel exterior with stainless steel paint
    • 46dB noise level.
    • Comes with Cutlery Basket, allows carbothermic drying.
    • Equipped with waterproof protection system
    • Delayed start
    • Weighs 46.5 kg
    • Annual water consumption level is 3780 litres
    • Requires a power supply of 13 amps.
    • Contains an additional refill indicator.
    • Comes with 14 plates setting capacity.

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