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43% Off Selected Products

  • December 26, 2017
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Gift Cards Starting @ £100

  • December 26, 2017
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Grab UpTo 40% off Engagement Rings

  • December 26, 2017
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About Diamonds Factory


Diamonds make it to engagement rings, diamond rings, weddings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and lot of other gifts that talk about occasions of extravagant expressions of giving back for all the love you have received. Diamonds factory is a reliable place to buy your diamonds. Diamonds are surely a serious purchase. You want to buy it from a dealer, who will provide you with a GIA certificate. This is one of the best websites and offers so much of choice. There are lots of people who visit this website. Many people like it a lot. During Christmas the rush almost doubles up. Since the quality of the products which you get here are amazing and that is the best part about it. Also the customer service is very good, which makes this website very popular.

You get a diamond certificate for every product that you buy from Diamonds factory. When you buy a diamond, you buy it considering factors like Carat, Shape, Clarity, Color and Cut. Anything from Diamonds factory comes to you with clear definition of all these five factors. If you are new to buying diamonds it helps to get some education about diamonds. This will give you an quality assurance, which is a very important thing. Hence you need to keep this thing in mind.

diamonds factory voucher codes

You have to make an appointment for viewing the diamond and as well to collect your order. Any kind of viewing of the diamond is given only strictly by appointment. You will also be getting repair and re-services help for your purchases. When you purchase a diamond, you will feel happy if you know what you are buying along with the advantages you get for making the purchase.

Product review

  • You can design your own rings by making use of one stone, two stone, three stone or more as you require. Getting the most suitable measurement for a ring is not easy. This is true when it comes to making plans for presenting an engagement ring. When you are going to buy a ring you want to check into the ring size guide. If you are planning to make a right as a surprise gift you will want some help with identifying the size. May be talking to parents or friends of your partner is a good start to get a guideline for the ring.
  • It is very common for people to not get the correct size ring the very first time. When this is the case you can get some resizing done. However, resizing can be difficult in cases where the design is a complex one. But store will help you to get that thing done and that is why people do not mind going there. Also they offer you good support and good customer service is something they thrive on.
  • You can design your own Jewelry when it comes to choosing earrings like stud, halo, hoop, drop, designer, journey rings, delicate rings, black diamond or clusters done with diamond. You can get earrings done from just below a carat to what you can afford to have. You have choices to decide between princess cut, round cut and more. You can choose to have your diamond stud in different types of metals like white gold, yellow gold, Rose gold, and platinum. With so much of choice what else do you need.
  • For any kind of diamond jewelry you choose, you can decide on the type of settings you need like Full Bezel, Bar, Semi Bezel, and prong.

  • You can design a wide range of pendants like Solitaire, Halo, Cross, Black Diamond, Circle, Journey, Cluster, Heart, Designer, Delicate, Drop and more. You can choose to go with the most popular design or you can choose the designs offered in the collections. You can choose between classic and modern styles.
  • You have wide varieties of bracelets to choose like the tennis, designer, bangle, delicate, charms and more when it comes to the options for patterns you might want to wear. Diamonds are perfect gifts for most occasions. It is about how to decide to use it and the budget you have to buy it.
  • It might seem like the diamond jewelry is high priced. However, nothing is purchased immediately. You plan to buy something. You plan the buying.You save for it. Browse for choices and register the need in your mind. With little planning you will be able to buy elegant diamonds.If you have enough money already, move ahead with the purchase.
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