If facts are to be believed, then women take the most time to choose their outfits and similarly a lot of time is invested by them to select the right jewellery that can be paired up to give a different look to their costume and them as well. It is good to invest some time in pairing the best for the very best that is you; nobody ever said that being fashionable and stylish is waste of money or time. By looking good you don’t just feel good, you influence people around you.

Jewellery has been a forever love for every woman as it acts as a final touch to every outfit creating a style statement. So, the choice of silver like necklace, bracelet, rings and earrings plays a pivotal role in either uplifting or discouraging a look. Here is how you can wear specific pieces of jewellery to suit different outfits: –

Styling the jewels- Jewellery define our style because they have this superpower of changing our look, from basic to glamorous and from casual to chic, so styling them while you pay attention to your outfit is very much essential, and it requires some knowledge, such as Classic Jewellery include one with diamonds or pearls, Glamorous Jewellery include chandelier earrings, cocktail rings, Playful Jewellery comprises everything chic and chunky, formal Jewellery can be pearl ones that aren’t too shiny but are delicate.

Mixing Colours- When you are choosing your Jewellery then consider the colour of your dress first, the reason being you have to mix and match as a dress that is already too bright cannot work fine with bright jewelleries, keep trying until you find which colour suits you the best, take help from the colour wheel. Matching colours in fashion is science, so you need to use your brains. Both light and dark tones flow the opposite way round and sometimes in the same direction, so one needs to strike a balance between the two.

Never leave your wrists bare- While there are so many beautiful and fancy bracelets available in the market, so what is the need to go your wrists naked. Style your wrists with some bracelets of the same type, or you can even act creatively by styling different bracelets together to create a style statement of your own. The trend has been set already where women are seen wearing multiple bracelets on their wrists.

Patterns and Jewellery- Dresses that have good designs on them do not require heavy jewellery; simple jewellery look classy on such outfits. Even for dresses that are embroidered or sequin dresses, jewellery that is too busy making the complete outfit look tacky.


Wear according to the occasion- Just like a person is said to dress as the occasion demands to, similarly jewellery is to be worn following the same point, the reason being the environment which is different at your workplace and different at a club where you are partying with your friends. You cannot wear long bracelets to your office where you have to regularly sit and type by the screen. Neither you will wear formal clothes nor stud earrings on top of it to a club so that how it works, you choose jewellery taking into considering the occasion you need to dress for.

Earrings that highlight faces– Even if your outfit has been on point, it doesn’t define your beautiful face and something apart from makeup can, which is an earring. Statement Earrings to add the pinch of glitter, brightness and glamour is the best option for women who have always valued their face and have considered jewellery powerful enough to emphasise their beauty.

Longer necklaces to opt for whenever in doubt- Necklaces are not just concerned to your neck, they affect your body, emphasising it to a great extent. A longer necklace does the job of boosting up your confidence level whenever you are not sure of which one to choose for a particular outfit. A longer chain also does the magic of making the one wearing it appear taller and more extended.

Jewellery that compliments the skin tone- Jewellery isn’t just about enhancing an outfit. Women know how the right pairing of jewellery has an impact on their skin tone. Silver is the most used Jewellery to improve a natural skin tone. Gold is a forever to go to option for women who have fair skin and dark hairs also; white gold is the best-chosen metal for skin tones that are cooler. Skin tones that have been warm work best with orange, green gemstones, yellow and yellow metals as well.

Buy Jewelleries in a manner that it can be worn with several outfits- Jewelleries should not be bought by considering just one outfit or occasion, the aim should be to buy pieces of jewellery that can be mixed and matched with different types of outfit, not just one. It adds a style statement that compliments your look differently.

Jewellery coordination is no doubt a time consuming and tough job, but with the right knowledge of fashion and trend, you can be smart and act creatively around the corner. And if you are looking for some fantastic discounts and deals, you can always visit dealvoucherz website.

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