Weddings can be stressful. What with your in-laws breathing down your neck, parents getting paranoid and a cranky fiancé, every woman deserves a bachelorette before they get hitched. Pre-wedding jitters are normal and women often feel like they are making bad life decisions, that’s when her best friends, her bridesmaids come into the picture. What is the best thing one can do to relieve the pre-wedding stress? A trip of course.

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England has a sprawling diversity of various landscapes, offering choices for every taste. One might love the mountain, whereas one might fancy the sea. There are various spots across the UK which offer beautiful locations for a perfect bachelorette trip and of course, the parties.

London in all its glory boasts of various pubs and bars across the city with iconic monuments and structures. The London eye, for instance, gives the famous Champagne experience, wherein people can celebrate the beauty of the city by experiencing a 360-degree view from the London eye.

Of course, the shopping, it is mandatory to indulge into various luxuries when one sees the top brands of the world in one place. So, don’t forget to leave for the trip prepared to finish the pre-wedding shopping. London has various nightclubs for every taste, perfect way to shake the booty before heading to somewhere more serene and far from the city. The Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Big Ben etc. are other famous spots to not miss when in London. One could even taste history if they are passionate about it, in the Natural History Museum.

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Perhaps the beautiful coastline of Cornwall will quench the traveller’s thirst in you! The bridesmaids even get to get a sneak peak of the gorgeous surfer boys! The sun-kissed beaches and the infamous flea market gives the most exciting relaxed vacation with your favourite girls. The lost gardens of Heligan are a sight to see. The beautiful beaches and gardens of Cornwall are mandatory on a vacation with the girls.

Bringing out the adventurous side

If one wants to indulge into something more adventurous, they could go zorbing in the pristine waters of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. Walking on the water of the lake with the look out for the monster- definitely a once in a lifetime experience!

The Skara Brae is Europe’s most Neolithic village and is definitely worth a visit. Glasgow is a beautiful town covered with snow, boasting of famous science centres and University. Also, famous for the Loch Lomond, you may find your hidden monsters and get surprised in Scotland! The Melrose Abby, a 14th-century ruin, now has been converted into a beautiful Hotel. If you fancy the fine things in life and have an eye for details, you could spoil yourself with the luxury of the best hotels in England.

Edinburgh is another great spot to plan a pre-wedding holiday. The historic richness of the city with the hint of modern day sass is the perfect concoction of sexy. Be prepared to even see the elaborate costume of men. Oh, what a sight it would be! Visit Arthur’s seat for a short hike or alternatively go to the Camera obscura for a whacky experience, and of course, don’t forget the Scotch tasting experience in the various distilleries.

Calculate your time before the wedding and decide on the places you and your girls would want to visit. You can even make a merry trip out of it and take your mother along! They would be ecstatic to wake up to the beautiful view of perhaps the Hampshire, in a quaint B & B. The Hampshire, is a beautiful vacation spot one must complete before getting hitched. The famous Bombay Sapphire distillery is worth a visit! The picturesque town will surely give you beautiful Instagram-worthy pictures to boast about later. The Hampshire is a good place to explore the colonial era with the castle and its ruins. Bring out the touristy side in you and indulge in a bit of history.

Every trip deserves the best memories and times, and wisely choose your company before your vacations. These amazing locations deserve to be shot and carried into memorabilia when one walks into their married life, so a camera is an essential. Be a little thoughtful, pick out souvenirs for your fiancé and surprise him later! It’s the small things that matter. And each of these places will make you feel the same, preparing you for your big day- the wedding.

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