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People often say that “Dog is a man’s best friend.” Now, as much as I admit it myself, don’t you think this statement is a bit unfair? What about other adorable beings who share a similar relation and companionship with humans? No matter which pet we share our home with, be it a dog, a cat, rabbit, or a hamster, they all make our lives a hell of a lot sweeter than it was before. Even scientifically, having an animal as a companion improves our heart by lowering our blood pressure during our stressful and challenging times.


If you are going for a long ride and that too alone, rest assured that even with the mere presence of your beloved animal companion beside you, your journey will become more exciting and adventures then it would have been with anyone else. Just never be fooled by their silent treatment, because they can talk to you with more words than you can imagine just through their expressions. You can pretty much ascertain yourself that amidst their silence, the presence of love and loyalty in them for you is pretty much there. Even though a mere presence of an animal can call for a lot of responsibility and work around the house, the universal truth is that it’s all worth it. When the chips are down, or if we are facing the bottom of the barrel as we feel cheated with our luck, we can always look up to such beautiful creatures created by God himself to give our life meaning again. Sometimes, a pet can fill that void in our broken heart which no other person can. They can cheer you up when you feel down in the dumps and can accompany you through your moments of joy. Just like small babies, there is a sense of innocence present in them. This integrity helps you to appreciate the same in the world. They will look to seek out the right in you without even caring about your negative aspect. They make you feel wanted by them and responsible for them. In a lot of ways, they teach some of the greatest life lessons which we could ever learn.


Each animal compliments our life in its wonderful way. For instance, dogs and cats, the most common of all pet animals, are the ones which people always consider first. From various breeds to choose from in both these animals, dogs and cats have their uniqueness and exclusivity. They easily blend in with your family and eventually become a part of it. Although people should give away with the notion that only dogs are loyal to man while cats are not. Cats are equally loyal and loving; they just prefer being silent most of the time but they aren’t, they always make sure to compliment our real image through their eyes. Apart from the all famous cat-dog duo, there are also other lesser known pets in the form of guinea pig, rabbit, hamster, parrot, etc. with certain unique advantages which make them better pets and more adorable too. Such small animals are comparatively easier to maintain for people who are physically incapable of doing so.


Having an animal companion around the house is also suitable for little children. Children and adorable little animals can get along well with each other, and in this way, the child also begins to value the little things in life through them at a very early age. The connection a man can find with an animal is amazing. You are loyal, and the loving pet will give you comfort and stand beside you even. All it wants in exchange is your company and love. With proper care and affection, they have the power to make the journey of your life much simpler and sweeter.

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