Summer is not a mere season but a state of mind wherein ladies put on their sundresses, flip-flops, a pair of sunglasses and a Bohemian hat and go sipping margaritas with their girlfriends. On the other hand, the crisp weather of fall and the beautiful foliage calls for a drastic beauty transition. The transformation of your beauty routine from summer to fall is mainly important due to the weather changed and the stream of fashion accordingly percolates its way through the seasonal changes.

Crammed between the tropical weather of summer and frosty winter, fall holds more of a middle-ground. But as compared to summer the changes in weather immediately require attention to the skin so as to keep it from drying and flaking. The maintenance routine needs to go through a radical change in terms of makeup, skin products, face creams, and moisturizers.


Here are a few cleaning and maintenance tips to acquire flawless skin during fall:

It is important to adjust your skin care routine for creamy fall skin. The skin needs proportionate moisture during the season as the temperature drops and it becomes drier. The aftershock of summer leaves the skin damaged which is the outcome of chlorine and sun damage.

• The sole purpose of the skin routine transition is to exfoliate. Exfoliation removes dry and dead skin cells leaving the skin ready to moisturize. Oil-based scrubs play a pivotal role in exfoliation process during the season. This removes flakes and makes smooth.

• Moisturizing is the second step to the healthy skin during fall. You need to check the soap from summer because it will lead to dehydrated skin when used in fall and resort to a creamy body wash which cleanses and moisturizes. The skin on face and body needs a moisturizing session in fall which includes the usage of moisturizing creams with milky compositions instead of the lotions scrubbed during the summer days.

Face cleansers must get richer and thicker in order to thoroughly moisturize the skin leaving it smooth. Toners need to be more hydrating due to the dry texture of the skin during fall instead of astringent as used in summer. Swapping back to a heavier moisturizer as compared to summer becomes an essential if you want to get rid of the flaky and dry skin.

• Even the hair needs mending and regulating as the season of fall approaches. Clarifying and conditioning help immensely for this transition by getting rid of the summer residues on the scalp and helps restore the dry hair. Conditioners render your hair lustrous and smooth. It is also a great idea to switch to darker and richer shades as compared to bright florescent hombres in summer.


Summer to fall makeup transition is an extremely sensitive topic as regarded by the fashion police! Following are specific makeup tips for your ultimate glam transition:

1. Eye Makeup

Summer eyeshadows are generally the shades of yellow like golden, bronze in addition to other bright shades. A definite swap is necessary for the fall look! Shimmery bronzes swap to the thicker and darker matte ones, the lighter pink shades are switched with cranberry and fresh purple switches to mauve. The eyeliner gets thicker and darker for a sophisticated gothic look.

2. Lips

Lip colours are vital whilst updating your makeup vanity for fall. Replacing your barely-there lipsticks by the darker colour palettes featuring browns and reds and burgundy is task one! Your hot pink changes to a medium shade of purple, bright red to blood red, peach to copper, nude to a mauve nude.

3. Face


During summer the skin is more dewy and hydrated but the weather of fall is comparatively cooler which leaves the skin. Hence, the fall foundation must be swapped with richer formulas with thicker density.


Again, the creamy formula infused highlighter is the best for fall. If you want your face on fleek highlight your cheekbones with a bronze highlighter. The fresh dewy and shimmery look from summer fashion transforms to a darker shades such as copper and bronze. This compliment the cheekbones in a way that they put the summer look to shame.


You can welcome the fall breezes with open arms by switching to warmer peach shades for blushes instead of rosy hues for summer.

To wrap it up, this is how you holistically replenish and rejuvenate your skin and transit from summer to fall in terms of natural cleansing by using various beauty products and exclusive makeup.

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