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Books are invaluable and possess all of the worlds’ knowledge and wisdom. For this reason, people write and share their knowledge and experiences through books and other people read them. But when you buy books, there comes a time when you have a read them, gathered your share of knowledge from it. At this point, you can use them to earn instead of letting them sit in a cabinet or a box in the basement of your house.

Ziffit is an online trading company that lets you sell your old books along with a bunch of other things such as DVDs, CDs and games without having to move out of your house. All you need to do is to enter the barcode of your old items and get an estimated price based on it. Now complete the trade by packing your products safely and shipping them to Ziffit. Once they are evaluated, you receive your payment in full through various available modes. Congrats! You just made money relaxing at your home!

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Books: Books are the banks of knowledge, and there is no fact denying it. People buy books, and new editions are published almost every day of the lives. So, what happens to the book when you finish reading it? It just goes back to the pile of other books that you’ve finished. While there are a few books that you may like to read again, others just keep catching the dust. Now, you can get a chance to earn from them while you just sit back and relax. Instead of throwing them away or letting them catch dust in the corner of your home, you can utilise them to make easy money and spend it on whatever you like. Ziffit enables you to sell your old books to them, and all you have to do is to enter the barcode and get the estimated value of your product right in front of you. There are no hidden costs or expenses included. You only get what you see. So, just enter your barcode and understand the value of your product. The next move is to pack them up and ship them to Ziffit, either by you or the free courier service by the company. Once you complete the trade, you get your deserved money either by PayPal, cheque or directly into your bank account.

Games: Games are great to play and spend time on. Games make up for a significant leisure activity. You buy different games at different points of time and complete them. Now, you can give away your old games to Ziffit and get a chance to earn in return. You can trade your games anytime in the UK using Ziffit. All you need to do is enter the barcode and complete the trading process.

DVDs and CDs: Old DVDs and CDs can stack up over time. You may not even realise when your storeroom or cupboard is getting piled up with watched DVDs of movies and shows. At Ziffit, you can sell your old collections and earn in return. The price of your DVDs or CDs is estimated based on their barcode. While you’ve had your share of fun with your DVDs, it’s time to start making money out of them. Make sure you’re DVDs, and CDs are working just fine and pack them up to begin trading.

Top deals

Grab an excellent deal at Ziffit and get cash for what’s old! Find out your old stocks of books, CDs, DVDs and games and give it to Ziffit. While you get a chance to get rid of the junk, you can earn cash and vouchers for fun! Give a collection of your old Disney stuff to Ziffit and get a chance to bring home a £ 50 cinema voucher. Hurry! Take out your old stuff now!

Get some extra cash for your trade. Do you have many old books and DVDs resting in the storeroom of your home? Instead of giving it in the trash, you can now sell it without even having to step out of your house. Just give away your old stuff to Ziffit and earn up to 15 percent extra on your trade. Look for exclusive codes at the Ziffit store and earn more. Hurry! Don’t miss this opportunity!

Who doesn’t want some easy money? Now you can earn by doing nothing and relaxing at your home. Just pick out your old collection of books, DVDs, CDs and games that you no longer find useful and give it to Ziffit. Earn for your junk and also get some extra when you give books. Hurry! Special offers are sent directly to your inboxes.

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