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  • March 12, 2017
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Jet Airways


Jet Airways is India’s premium trusted international airline that provides people with the best flight experience. People have reviewed it to be the most trusted and reliable airline service over the years, satisfying them with efficiency and hospitality. In due time, Jet Airways has become one of India’s best domestic and international airlines.


Jet Airways has only one mission in mind, and that is to cater to all Indians with the true spirit of Indian hospitality. It aims to serve everyone with care and consistently high standard professional quality service. It tries to minimize all aspects of complaints from customers as customer satisfaction is the priority. Delivering excellent service and setting high benchmarks for the competition is the only goal it tries to achieve.

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Awards and Recognition

Jet Airways has received a series of awards and accolades for its excellent service in airlines. High standards set by Jet Airways and efficient service throughout the years has achieved recognition worldwide. Development and the delivery of services have gained superbrand status because it has met world-class standards.

Jet Airways can also boast of the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Registration and has earned a place in the IOSA Registry. This certifies that the operational management and control systems of Jet Airways meet the standards set by International Air Transport Association. This recognition is a matter of prestige for Jet Airways as it joins the bandwagon of an exclusive line of winners. It was selected in 98 categories from among 711 brands of airlines. It has emerged as a winner, earning an entry into the ‘SuperBrand’ category of airlines which means it can be addressed as a brand with the best reputation in its field which customers recognize, and are ready to pay for among all other competitors. It is simply goodwill, customer loyalty and bonding with them that has earned this recognition for Jet Airways.

It has also won several other prestigious awards including the 'India's Most Respected Company in the Travel and Hospitality Sector' in 2003 by Business World, 'Best Domestic Airline Award' in 2002 in the Asia-Pacific zone by the Travel Trade Gazette (TTG), 'Market Development Award' in 2001 in the category for the best domestic airline by Air Transport World (ATW). It has also been the consistent winner of the Hospitality & Food Service 'Best Domestic Airline' award for four times. Also, it recently won the India’s Best Airline Award in April 2017 by TripAdvisor, the Best Cargo Airline Award in February 2016 and the AVION World Airline Entertainment Award for being the Best Overall in In-Flight Entertainment in September 2007.

In-Flight facilities

You can experience first class flying experience with Jet Airways. The luxurious seating, ambience and sleeping experience makes you feel as if you have lodged yourself in a plush hotel tucked cosily 40,000 feet above the sea. Need some privacy and peace on a long flight overnight? Choose the private suites and nighttime ambience of Jet Airways where you can enjoy the silence and privacy of a suite with dual sliding doors and relish the peace provided by night sky theme lighting relaxing your mind. A private wardrobe available for you also lets you walk in with style. Even if you fly Economy class, you can be assured of a comfortable flight without the least body ache that comes from a tiresome flight. The innovatively designed seats let you sit at your comfort and stretch out, automatically giving you an ergonomic position to prevent discomfort.

Also, take the advantage of Bose headphones and a well-stocked Jukebox containing Hollywood and Bollywood hits for the perfect entertainment on the flight. You can also enjoy blockbusters and exciting TV shows if you wish to. Foodies can also enjoy the best of international and multicultural cuisine and also try out the hand-picked collection of award-winning wines. The Jet Airways signature cocktail is a must try for all. All the meals are prepared by competent chefs who always serve you with both Indian and international culinary delights.

Customer Reviews

Customers loyal to Jet Airways always talk about its efficiency and cooperation for the best experience that you can ask for in the skies. Most customer reviews recount how the staffs have always been extremely polite and helpful to ensure top-notch service every time. Positive reviews keep flooding in each day with customers recalling how they have been amazed by the true spirit of Indian hospitality. Jet Airways is always ready to help you regarding the slightest of issues.

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