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15% Off On Orders Over Above £60

  • January 8, 2017
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Toffs Ltd

Gift Vouchers – £10

  • January 8, 2017
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10% Off On All Orders

  • January 8, 2017
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Toffs Ltd


Trends may come and go, but the sporty look never goes out of style. The sporty jerseys are synonymous to comfort and fashion. You might be a supporter of a particular football club, so while watching their match on the television, wearing the team jersey is going to level up your fandom. With Toffs, you can never go out of the trendy, sporty look. Toffs is a heritage brand based in Britain. It saw its inception in the year 1990. Since then, their business has developed largely.

With the development of e-commerce across the globe, they have introduced online shopping as well. Their online website is efficient enough to receive orders from around the world. They accept some selected currencies thereby supporting trade with many countries. Other than the jerseys of famous clubs and nation teams, they also have a huge range of collection for men and kids; however, some unisex products are also available. They also have personalised items like water flasks which you can gift to your friend on his birthday. They give away various offers and discounts throughout the year. They offer youth discount for customers between the age of eighteen and twenty-five. It is not necessary that you only have to choose online shopping while shopping with them. You can also shop in person. The delivery process of the goods is very efficient. If you do not like the product, feel free to return it. Toffs is known for their excellent customer handling methods where customers enjoy satisfaction while shopping.

Even today, it is a family run company dedicated to providing the best for the football fanatics. Their factory is located in Gateshead in North East England. Toffs boasts of having a standard and amazing collection of track tops, hoodies, sweatshirts and tee shirts. All their components and fabrics are obtained from Britain, and each of their products is put under stringent tests and scrutiny before making them available to you so that the quality and colour of the products are as authentic as possible. The company covers over 240 football teams from across the globe. Their workers are also football fanatics, and if you have any idea in mind, even you can mail it to them, and they will take care of it!

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A Few Products From Their Den

TOFFS RETRO: all the retro designs fall under this category. The retro sporty look never fails to be a head turner. Choose form their wide range of sweatshirts, tee shirts and shirts to give yourself a comfortable style. The products under this category are not dedicated for the football fanatics, but it is a great choice for men of all ages and interests.

THE RUGBY COLLECTION: Toffs might flaunt its football jerseys collection, but it is equally efficient when it comes to rugby. Shop the rugby jersey of your favourite nation. Starting from Australia to Argentina, from Britain to Canada, from Japan to Italy, from France to Ireland, from New Zealand to Scotland, they have it all! The collection is authentic and is sure to meet your comfort and fandom requirements.

PERSONALIZED GIFTS: what can be a better way to surprise your football fanatic friend than gifting him a phone cover with the label of his favourite football club? Choose from the ranges of football and rugby club based personalised items. Fix your budget, and you will find something worthwhile.

THE FOOTBALL COLLECTION: Name the club, and they will mesmerise you with their amazing collection. They launch new collections for each league with every little change in the jerseys of the clubs. So, if you wish to buy the newest jersey that your favourite team wears, you can have it, or if you prefer the older one, then that too is not a problem. From Arsenal to Manchester City, from Liverpool to Sunderland, they have it all. If you are a fan of “Escape To Victory” you will be amazed to know that they even have sweatshirts and shirts from that. So, may it be fictional characters or real life football teams, they have them all!

If you wish to know more about Toffs and browse through their amazing collection, you can check out the following links and get to know them better! So keep shopping, supporting your team and remain stylish.

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