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Tile Magic

Up To 41% Off Floor Tiles

  • December 30, 2016
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Tile Magic

Save Up To 35% Off Selected Wall Tiles

  • December 30, 2016
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10% off on selected Tiles

  • December 30, 2016
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Tile Magic


Established in the year 1998, the Tile Magic Limited company is almost a two-decade old UK based company that does online selling and trading of home improvement modular products and construction materials. Initially, the company opened a bunch of outlets in the southern region of UK, but later on, it expanded, up until the year 2008, when it was purchased by Travis Perkins PLC and as a form of re-branding, all of the Tile Magic stores came to be known as the Tile Giant stores. Today, the company trades only online in a number of products including tiles, mosaics, floors, heating products, natural stones, to name just a few.

One of the most attractive claims of the company is that they purchase their products directly from the factories and the production units, which means that there are absolutely no middlemen or third person involved. As a result of this, the company experts get to check out the products and vet them all by themselves, making sure that they are up to their standards, and it also cuts out the cost of having to pay a middleman, which means quality products at a cheaper price.

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Tile Magic Promo code at Dealvoucherz


Although the company is called Tile Magic, which obviously shows the product that they specify in, they also have to offer a wide range of other products and wet room solutions to go with their tiles. On that note, let us take a brief look at some of their most popular and widely sold products.

  • High Definition Tiles: Tile Magic sells a coveted number of floor and wall high definition tiles, which, as the company claims, is made with cutting edge technology in order to achieve the ultra-perfect finish and look. Now, even they have a number of varieties when it comes to such High Definition tiles. For instance, one of their best-selling HD tiles is the Geneva tile, which imitates the Italian Carrara marbles so flawlessly that you can’t even tell the difference, even though this one is made right here in Britain. Another very popular HD tile offered by Tile Magic are the Marfil tiles which imitate the Crema Marfil marble effect and can be installed both on the floor as well as the walls. They also have three other kinds of HD tiles, namely Roundhay, Serpentine and finally, Travertine.

  • Kitchen Tiles: When it comes to kitchen tiles, Tile Magic has dozens of colorful and trendy ones to choose from, all with different shades, shapes, and sizes. For the subtle ones who are looking for earthly tones, there is the ‘Petra’ collection that offers three basic and contemporary colors. For the ones who are looking to jazz up the vibes in their kitchen and throw in a pop of color to add some fun, there is the ‘Colour Compendium’ collection that comes both in glossy as well as satin textured finishes and has over 65 different shades for you to choose from. Then there is the ‘Reflections Textured Glass’ collection for a more edgy and modern look, wherein each one is a handmade glass tile and particularly made to reflect the natural light in the room.

  • Adhesives and Grout: When it comes to grout, Tile Magic has a wide variety to offer. For instance, they have the epoxy grout, which claims to be resistant towards any form of harsh chemicals or products, is resistant to water and also prevents the entry of diseases causing microorganism, making it perfect for either bathrooms or kitchen. However, one of their most innovative products is the glitter grout, which is usually combined with the kerapoxy design grout. Apart from this, they also offer the standard floor and wall grout. In terms of adhesive, they have more than a dozen different kinds for people to choose from, both in the section of floor tile adhesive as well as wall tile adhesive.

  • Wet room Accessories: Tile Magic also offers solutions and accessories for wet room issues. They have a wide range of wet room kits, seven to be specific, which customers can choose based on their bathroom necessities. Apart from this, they also have the ‘No More Ply’ board, which is basically a cement based board that acts as a surface wherein you place the tiles, either in the bathroom or the kitchen. This prevents the direct impact of damaging and breaking of the base surface when you attempt to put tiles directly onto the surface of your floor made up of plasterboard or plywood.

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