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  • February 16, 2017
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  • February 16, 2017
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  • February 16, 2017
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Review of Ticketbis

The need to buy tickets will stay forever, and hence the requirement of online ticket purchasing sites will always remain in business. One such site I had stumbled upon is the inline ticket buying and selling website Ticketbis. It provides an online platform for users to sell and buy tickets to all the worldwide events present. It is a company that operates under the secondary ticketing market which means it is engaged in ticket resale. Although many such site for ticket resale exists and many features of this website keeps it ahead of its industry contemporaries.

Description of the website Ticketbis

Ticketbis currently operates in 31 countries and is presently one of the industrial stalwarts. The reason behind that is that it includes tickets or each and every event in their buying and selling a domain. Be it a football match between the top clubs of Europe or a famous concert of your favorite pop-star or a drama performance at the nearby theater, Ticketbis provides all to its customers. If you need to look for tickets for the next champions league match, this is the place to look. It also provides you a secure platform where you have maximum chances of reselling your tickets as it is also one of the most popular platforms for buying and selling tickets.

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How is Ticketbis different from Getmein?

As mentioned before Ticketbis seems to be way ahead of its peers by the sheer convenience the customer gains when he chooses the former. It boasts off being the leading website for ticket buying and selling, and once you visit their website, you will feel that their pride is justified. One of their recent contemporaries Getmein has also gone a long way in providing excellent services as per ticketing resale is concerned. But a few subtle differences between the two websites have distinguished them in a lot of ways. Ticketbis has been the overall leader in many cases, but Getmein manages to outdo them in a lot of ways. Let us now discuss those aspects where the two websites differ from each other.

Timely arrival of tickets to the delivery address

One thing that no other ticket reselling company can match up to is the delivery services of Ticketbis. They provide world class delivery services of their tickets at the buyer’s doorstep (provided that the buyer has given his home address for delivery). The provision of tickets with Ticketbis is always on time; you can certainly count on this. Any purchase you make on this is equipped with hassle-free delivery at the buyer’s address which is as convenient as it gets. They also have a last minute buy rule where the seller delivers the tickets to an address which is nearby the buyer’s location. This is intended to avoid any problems that are unexpected.

The sheer strength of numbers

The size of Ticketbis is enough to stay away from Getmein and secure the numero uno spot. Ticketbis extends their services to more than 40 countries with a bulk of 350 specialists operating at a time all over the world. This also enables them to provide the finest quality of customer services because of their wide variety of specialized services. Their personnel is hence able to communicate with the customers in their desired language and assist them by providing information about any event, sale, and purchase.

The exclusive FANZONE

The most important aspect of Ticketbis and one of the primary reasons for it being so popular is Fanzone. This is the place to be for the self-proclaimed fans of entertainment. Here one can get all the details about the upcoming events of their favorite team, personality, club or group. On top of that, they get access to the tickets for these events at a relatively low price. Believe it or not, nothing can beat the Fanzone.

Easiest platform to sell tickets

Ticket sellers or ticket resellers get maximum benefits from selling their tickets online, and when the website is Ticketbis, they not only derive maximum benefit but also gain the maximum security for selling their tickets. As soon as the event takes place, the payment will be deducted from the buyer and transferred to the seller. That makes the platform all the safer. Now both the buyer and the seller will be guaranteed of his ticket and payment respectively, and hence the chances of technical glitches are reduced beforehand. No wonder Ticketbis is still the leading website for ticket reselling.

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