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The Virgin Voucher

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  • December 25, 2016
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Virgin Voucher


Discovering the perfect present to gift a person can prove to be difficult at times. You can never quite understand a person’s tastes and requirements. So under such circumstances it would be prudent to gift them with vouchers which they would be able to spend in any way they like. The Virgin Vouchers therefore, would be the best choice of gift in such situations. These vouchers are flexible and they offer a variety of choices, which is what makes them the ideal choice for the ultimate gift. These vouchers can be extended for use for multiple things. They could be employed for dining out or going out to chill and hang around with friends or to catch a movie in any theatre or to subscribe for a gym membership. These vouchers can also be encashed in for dream holidays or weekend getaways. Different denominations of vouchers are available and they can be availed according to convenience. The usual range of denomination varies from five pounds to ten to twenty to fifty pounds. Just like a gift is usually wrapped up in shiny gift paper, these vouchers are sent in charmingly pretty wallets along with a list of suggestions as so where they can be used.

The lure of popular brands is almost seductive in nature. Brands signify quality and prompt service they induce a loyalty which is unshakable. The Virgin Voucher gets accepted and receives its due acknowledgement and recognition from each and every popular Virgin brands, ranging from the Virgin Balloon flights to the Virgin Atlantic Flights. It depends on the discretion of the receiver to use the voucher as they wish. They have a plethora of options of different brands to choose from. Each of them provide the user with exemplary service quality. The brands are topographically spread over countries ranging over Africa, Asia, Europe and America. Industrially, the Virgin Company has dipped their fingers in every pot they could find. They have brands dealing with entertainment, leisure, people and planet, telecommunications, media, technology, health and wellness, and even travelling. It is an ever evolving giant multinational corporation.

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The Virgin Voucher is one of its kinds. The deals offered in this voucher are exclusive to the brands of this corporation. Unlike other vouchers which offer a short term period to redeem vouchers, the Virgin vouchers redeemable time period is spread over a span of two years from the day of issue itself. They also offer various multi-offer gift vouchers and express vouchers with added benefits. Also, the most important benefit which sets these vouchers apart from other vouchers of this kind is the wide range of brands the corporations has at its disposal, which in turn broadens and widens the spectrum of options and in fact spoils the recipient with too many choices, as to where to indulge oneself.

The word limits can be barely associated with the Virgin Vouchers because of the immense opportunities which present themselves in lieu of the voucher. The power of this voucher is immense because of the variety of brands it covers. However, there is one point which must be considered in terms of limitations is that this voucher cannot be redeemed online. You could say that this voucher also gives you the opportunity to take some time off from your busy schedule and pushes you out of the threshold of your house and spurns you to action to have some fun and spend some time outdoors. There are numerous packages of vouchers. There are endless possibilities to choose from. Some of these vouchers offer holiday getaways while others cover recreational outings like dinners at restaurants and spa evenings or theatre tickets. The demarcations of vouchers are usually divided into subcategories like dining out, holidays and travels, entertainment, short getaways and the likes. Their deals are advertised via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social forums. The vouchers usually have to be bought to gift someone. But sometimes, during special occasions, vouchers are also given out free of cost to some people who deserve them. They conduct a competition of sorts and the winner gets the free vouchers to redeem as they wish. For instance on the occasion of mother’s day, they conducted a followpost in Facebook, where they posted that a free voucher would be given, all that needed to be done is to upload a photograph with your mother with a few lines mentioning why you think your mother deserves this free Virgin Voucher. The best post would be declared the winner and awarded a Virgin Voucher.

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