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Christmas Items – Up To 40% Off

  • December 21, 2016
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Get Up To 35% Off On Specialist Postal Packaging To Your Products

  • December 21, 2016
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Spend Over £200 & Get A Free Delivery

  • December 21, 2016
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Rajapack is a part of RAJA group, which is the number 1 packaging supplier of Europe.Its headquarters is located at Ridgmont, Brogborough in Bedford. With over 60 years of experience in packaging, Rajapack have used this experience and knowledge in creating their own range of various packaging products. The RAJA brand of packaging products ensures their customers about the quality of their products by having them thoroughly tested. Rajapack also provides their products at competitive prices to their customers. With more than 80 branded products, the collection of products at Rajapack is growing all the time. Apart from their extensive packaging range, Rajapack also advises their customers to develop new packing systems by providing them their expertise and knowledge on its latest innovations.

Rajapack stocks a wide range of their packaging supplies and equipment’s within Europe. For meeting the requirements of their customers, Rajapack continuously improve and develop their products and services. They also provide expert advice on anything related to packaging, be it packaging tapes or machines, along with offering reasonable prices for their customers across a huge range of their packaging and office supplies.

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Top selling products at Rajapack

Some of the top selling products at Rajapack are as follows:

  1. Cardboard boxes –
  2. All kinds of cardboard boxes can be found at Rajapack. From small boxes to large ones, for shipping or for storage purposes, there is some kind of a box for every product and purpose. Rajapack make their cardboard boxes in such a way that they always protect the products inside them which are kept in storage. The collection at Rajapack also includes single, double and triple wall boxes.

    The following are some of the types of cardboard boxes which are among the top selling products of Rajapack:

    1. Standard boxes – Single wall boxes, double wall boxes, triple wall boxes, white boxes etc.
    2. Postal boxes – Foam postal boxes, book boxes, postal tubes, standard postal boxes, fast assembly postal boxes, cardboard mug boxes etc.
    3. Document and printer boxes – A3, A4, A5, A6, A7 printer boxes etc.
    4. Export boxes – Wooden and cardboard export boxes, export cardboard loading boxes etc.
    5. Carton accessories – Wheels for cartons, handles for cartons.

  3. Packaging tape and strapping –
  4. From paper and tape to strapping machines and dispensers, the collection of packaging tape and strapping machines at Rajapack can meet all the business requirements of their customers. Such products are useful for securing pallets, bundling goods, sealing boxes and also for securing every package and parcel with vinyl for strong hold.

    The following are some of the types of packaging tapes and strapping products which are among the top selling products of Rajapack:

    1. Packaging tape – Printed tape, machine tape, vinyl tape, low noise tape, 3M tape, coloured tape etc.
    2. Industrial tape – Filament tape, strapping tape, waterproof cloth tape, security tape etc.
    3. Strapping and accessories – Strapping tools, strapping dispensers, steel strapping, strapping systems, seals and buckles etc.
    4. Ties and security seals – Security seals, cable ties, elastic bands and twine etc.

  5. Warehouse equipment –
  6. Warehouse equipment’s like plastic storage bins and pallet trucks saves substantial space and time. The collection of these products at Rajapack has everything for their customers to improve the productivity and the space efficiency of their warehouse.

    The following are some of the types of warehouse equipment’s which are among the top selling products of Rajapack:

    1. Barrow and trucks – Platform trucks, pallet trucks, sack trucks etc.
    2. Storage bins – Pick and louvred storage bins, stackable storage containers.
    3. General warehouse accessories – Tools, weighing scales, cutters, knives, industrial scissors, bubble, foam and paper roll dispensers.

Top deals at Rajapack

Some of the top deals at Rajapack are as follows:

  1. 00-450mm single wall cardboard boxes
    - Buy “400-450mm single wall cardboard boxes” and save up to 35% only from Rajapack
  2. CLEARANCE - Cardboard envelopes with long edge opening
    - Buy “CLEARANCE - Cardboard envelopes with long edge opening” and save up to 40% only from Rajapack
  3. Silver plastic mailing bags
    - Buy “Silver plastic mailing bags” and save up to 25% only from Rajapack
  4. Heavy duty, low noise polypropylene packaging tape
    - Buy “Heavy duty, low noise polypropylene packaging tape” and save up to 30% only from Rajapack
  5. Super compact sack truck
    - Buy “Super compact sack truck” and save up to 60% only from Rajapack

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