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Receive 15% Off for Senior Citizens

  • June 26, 2018
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Grab New Destination Bookings @ 15% Off

  • February 10, 2018
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10% Off All Flights @ Qatar Airways

  • August 24, 2016
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About Qatar Airways


Qatar Airways, is the state-owned flag carrier of Qatar. Headquartered in the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha, the airline operates a hub-and-spoke network, linking over 150 international destinations across Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Far East, South Asia, Middle East, North America, South America and Oceania from its base at Hamad International Airport, using a fleet of more than 180 aircraft.

Qatar Airways Group employs more than 40,000 people, of whom 24,000 work directly for Qatar Airways. The carrier has been a member of the One World alliance since October 2013, the first Gulf carrier to sign with one of the three airline alliances.

Qatar airways voucher codes

Despite the fact that the Qatar Airways seems to be a relatively young organization, it has a tremendous experience in providing transportation service opportunities to different places across the world. The company provides various flights to different countries, including the UK, Australia, the USA, the UAE, Armenia, Morocco, Italy, Finland, Thailand, etc. If you are looking to experience the magic of Qatar Airways, the following are three major UK destinations you might want to start with.

Top 3 Travel Destinations in UK

Have you not arranged your holiday yet? Is it the first time you are going to travel somewhere being unaware what to do? It is a high time to experience new heights with Qatar Airways. The airlines company has been offering on-board services for half a decade to those who want to have an unforgettable holiday.

  1. Yorkshire

  2. Yorkshire is world-famous for the picturesque combination of rolling hills, woodland, wild moorland, dramatic landscapes and gentle valleys that create unique and beautiful vistas. There are many opportunities for great walks and the lovely little dales towns and villages provide a glimpse into traditional old-fashioned Yorkshire life.

    With underground caves, giant rocks and waterfalls – plus an aerial adventure park and botanical gardens – the Yorkshire Dales is a brilliant natural playground for children and adults. It has become the place where over 40 million people travel yearly in order to watch its magnificent heritage-rich places.

    Yorkshire is where famous artists such as John Atkinson and David Hockney were inspired, thanks to its greatest parks, rocks and flatland. It seems that no one travelling to UK can miss to visit such a great place of sightseeing.

    If you have no idea where to spend your leisure time, it may be worth visiting Yorkshire.

  3. Cotswolds

  4. One more destination in the UK that is loved by every tourist is Cotswolds. It appears to be gaining popularity as an ideal place to spend time relaxing and admiring nature.

    The Cotswolds characterised by attractive small towns and villages built of the underlying rock, known as "Cotswold Stone". The towns and villages of Cotswolds look like honey-coloured as if they come from previous century.

    Officially designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) in 1966, in recognition of the unique appeal and the beauty of its predominantly rural landscapes, Cotswolds is known worldwide for the stone-built villages, historical towns, and stately Homes and Gardens. Many consider the Cotswolds as representative of the archetypal English landscape, within easy striking distance of London and several other English urban centres.

    It is not a secret that Cotswolds happens to be the biggest among 38 AONBs in England and Wales.

    Along with enjoying peaceful life you can walk around intriguing museums and take part in vibrant festivals. Cotswolds is home to a number of important historical houses, often set in their own estates and therefore not part of any particular town or village. The colourful autumn and summer, as well as crowd-free winter and green-coloured spring, will bring you intense joy and bountiful happiness.

  5. London

  6. The brightest attraction of the UK with its extremely growing infrastructure is London. Since it turns to be the centre of the UK, its capital city, it might should not come as a surprise that it is famous for its sightseeing spots as well as, restaurants, cinemas, bars and “Shakespeare” theatres.

    London hosts an outstanding collection of world-class museums, including three of the world's most visited. Despite a reputation as 'the Big Smoke', a sprawling urban metropolis of concrete, and London is surprisingly green. In fact, London is 47% green space, spread out amongst some of Europe's most beautiful parks.

    It is a huge task for a visitor to find the 'right place' to eat in London - with the 'right atmosphere', at the 'right price' - largely because, as in any big city, there are literally thousands of venues from which to choose, ranging from fast food joints, pubs, and mainstream chains all the way up to some of the most exclusive restaurants in the world which attract the kind of clientele that don't need to ask the price.

    Do not miss visiting its fabulous Tower of London featuring treasure vault, prison, palace, menagerie and observatory at the same time, Buckingham Palace, the residence of the Royal Family, the British Museum, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, etc. Besides, one may observe Roman ruins, cathedrals and castles spending endless time there.

    Hence, once you have decided to experience life in a vibrantand unique place, you should definitely visit London!

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