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Great Deals on Bike Insurance

  • December 28, 2017
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Get A Chance To Win A Top Of The Range Road Bike When You Sign Up

  • January 4, 2017
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Gold Cover For £14.99 Per Month

  • January 4, 2017
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Pedal Sure


Cycling may be a perfect hobby for some people. For many people, it is a rigorous sport that requires passion and test of endurance. No matter what it is for a cyclist, they always want to keep their cycle next to them as it is their prized possession. In other words, bikes mean a whole world to the people pursuing it as a sport. While keeping your bike in good condition is mostly in your hands, accidents can happen anytime and disrupt your cycling experience. While it may damage your beloved bicycle, there are also chances that you get hurt and injure yourself in the way. To take care of such situations, it is necessary that you get an insurance cover for your bicycle as well as for yourself.

Pedal Sure is an insurance company that provides the best quality insurance and care for your bike and you at the same time. The company covers all risks while you travel freely and enjoy your rides. Right from electric bikes, mountain bikes, amateur racing and commuting it also coves personal injury and offers plants that take care of the comprehensive cover for your bike. You can be assured the best experiences and practises at Pedal Sure that aims to provide only the authentic information to your ears.

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  • Electric bikes: Electric bikes can be great to ride and go on a trip. While they must be maintained, people often buy electric bikes as their first bikes. No matter if it is a friendly ride or a racing event, your electric bike is your most prized possession. An electrical cycle is often called as the power bike or booster bike and consists of a powerful motor that runs your bicycle. It not just assists your pedal power but acts as propulsion. However, electric bikes have a limited range of travel in one charge. So, if things go wrong in the propulsion of your vehicle, you might get stuck and hurt yourself. It is better to be insured with a trustable company as Pedal Sure that makes sure that you and your electric bike both stay safe.
  • Mountain bikes: Pedal Sure also covers damages and accidents for mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are meant for off the road travels such as mountains and irregular treks. You can rely on your mountain bicycle for taking you to the highest peaks and making you safely return to your home. The durability and capabilities of the bike are commendable, and they are more robust than another type of bikes. So, while you are enjoying your bike ride on a nearby mountain, Pedal Sure makes sure that you are covered for any instances of emergency situations. Get a cover at the lowest price and relax while you ride endlessly on off roads.
  • Amateur racing: Racing is one of the first things that comes to your mind as soon as you learn driving your first bike. There is a spirit to stand first and leave the world behind with just you and your bicycle. While racing may also be a sport, you need to be prepared for the adverse situations. Pedal Sure offers affordable cover for both you and your amateur racing needs.
  • Personal Injury: One must prepare for personal Injury as you cycle. You never know how a turn on the road or bad lighting can lead you to stumble and fall off. In situations like these, it is best to stay insured so that recurring expenses can be avoided. You can get the reasonable quotes for your injury insurance at Pedal Sure and remain relaxed. Just ride endlessly and know that Pedal Sure is there to take care of you.

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Get your bike cover from Pedal Sure and stay relaxed. Pedal sure offers Personal Injury insurance up to £ 150 along with five bikes insurance for just £ 30. So, get insurance for yourself and your bicycle right now from Pedal Sure.

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