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15% Off Laser Eye Surgery

  • June 15, 2014
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  • June 15, 2014
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  • June 15, 2014
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Living a healthy and complete life is a must today! With diseases, impairments and body loss taking place everywhere and every time, there is a need of a strong health control system with the help of best of doctors which make it possible to get the best of treatments. The world has developed a lot and brought about a range of hospitals and care centers which specializes in their area for the most advanced form of treatments, consultations and revival from the disease one has. Eye specialists and doctors are the ones which specialize in the treatment of eye impairments, loss and surgeries. While most of the hospitals known cost a bummer to the patients without a clue about the treatments and smarter treatments, Optimax is one of the most renowned eye care center of eye surgery specialists who excel in their field.

Optimax is one of the jovial clinics in UK for eye surgeries like Laser eye surgery, Lens and cataract surgery etc with free consultation, better treatments costs and accommodating huge number of patients with its presence at multiple locations. Optimax has been a big name in the eye surgery clinics today with treatments of almost 380,000 patients nationwide and over 600,000 after care results. The clinic experiences about 800 patients and their treatments weekly and is fast growing to be one of the most popular, trustworthy and successful eye clinics in UK.

The early days at Optimax

Optimax was founded in the year 1991 by Russell Ambrose who had been amazed by the response of the London doctors and teaching hospitals on the results of Laser eye surgery. With being one of the oldest and the first to provide the Laser eye surgery to patients, Optimax’s first patient was Russell Ambrose himself. After the treatment, Russell never had to wear the spectacles or lenses again and thus began the journey of excellence and powerful treatment for eye patients which promised better vision and eyesight to everyone who walked in.

Russell Ambrose has been at awe of the treatment to his eyes and has been building the empire for getting the treatment for everyone. With treatments ranging from Lasek Laser eye treatment, Lasik Laser eye surgery, cataracts surgeries, implantable contact lenses, Wavefront laser eye treatment etc.Optimax provides for a complete treatment to various problems related to eyes.

Why is Optimax different!

Optimax is a service oriented complete eye care treatment clinic which specializes in surgeries, treatments and patient comfort to give them the vision they demand. With the help of high qualified professionals, surgeons, medical practitioners who are qualified and specialized in Ophthalmology, Optimax ensures a dream of vision correction to all. The specialized doctors are experts with special inclination towards refractive surgery that allows one to give away the lenses and spectacles.

The surgical team is a well-chosen team of experts from all over the world and thus provides an incomparable treatment from rest of the clinics. But what sets Optimax really different and celebrated from the rest is that Optimax pays more focus to the patient’s vision correction and treatment rather than the cost and business. Being the most pocket friendly, patient oriented and consultation oriented clinic offering free consultation, treatment knowledge and facts and forecasts to patients Optimax remains to be a trusted and reliable institution for people.

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Deals not to be ignored!

While most of the clinics and hospitals charge exorbitantly to their patients without any relief to the payment systems, Optimax is one of the most people friendly and cost friendly eye surgery clinics known. With a range of packages and deals to choose from for the treatments, it gives its patient a relief in choosing the best option according to their comfort of payment. Some of the deals which should not be ignored are:

  1. Consultation
  2. Optimax provides free consultation with the doctors who shall not take up any treatment without checking for your suitability. With a few examinations and educating the treatments to the patients, the surgeons give the best of their knowledge about the visionary aids for free!

  3. Treatment costs for Laser eye surgery
  4. For meeting the cost of treatment of Laser eye surgery the Optimax clinic has devised several ways of payment which includes Paying in the form of EMI with periods ranging from 10 months to 36 months. The rate of interest applied is minimal and the patient is required to deposit only 10% of the amount as a preliminary deposit.

  5. Treatment costs for Lens surgery
  6. The consultation fee is withdrawn and one is given the option to choose from two modes of payments. The patient can choose to make the payment in terms of cost per eye or cost per month. Both the ways the payment is broken into fragments to make it easier for the patient to bear the cost.

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