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Only Apartments

Costa Del Sol Apartments Starts From £24

  • August 12, 2014
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Only Apartments

Barcelona Apartments Starts From £26

  • August 12, 2014
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Only Apartments

Berlin Apartments From Only £31

  • August 12, 2014
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About Only-apartments


Only apartments, a UK based company commenced operation in 2003. The platform was created by Elisabeth Cristia and Alon Eldar The company has since then being helping travelers, both those staying on short and long visits; find rental properties in different cities across the world. The company’s mission is to help travelers find apartments at rates lower than that of renting a hotel. With solid presence in over 109 countries, the company has a property listing of 130,000.

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Brief history of Only Apartments

Only Apartment became fully operational in 2003 after its creation by Eldar and Cristia. At its founding, Only Apartment only catered to travelers seeking for rental apartments in Barcelona. This continued till 2005 when the company started expanding to other markets. By 2010, the company became operational in 2,000 destinations. Only Apartments started operations in Miami in 2014, and in the same year made its debut in the Alternative stock market. Ever since then, the company has witnessed phenomenal growth, now operation in 130000 different destinations.

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Top Deals

  • Dinner in the Sky
  • Only Apartments wants to reward the loyalty of her customers. To commemorate crossing the 10,000 mark of Facebook fans, the company will be rewarding special discounts to customers booking apartments in Barcelona. But this discount is for those who aren’t afraid of height.

    Imagine the excitement of having Dinner right in the skies of Barcelona. The perspective from their will sure be enthralling. The Dinner night shall be hosted in Restaurante Nuclo, Barcelona.

    To take advantage of this discount, you need do is to send an email to Only Apartment at

  • Travel tips: All you have to know about tipping when you travel
  • It can sometimes be confusing, and sometimes emotionally stressful to know when and how to go about tipping. You might find yourself wondering; “is it compulsory I leave a tip?” “Will it be seen as an insult or etiquette when I leave money on the table?”

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    • Japan:Japan has a similar culture with China when it comes to receiving generosity from Strangers. If you were awed by a service rendered, smile and say “thank you”. It is much better than leaving money on the table.
    • Paraguay:: Tipping isn’t only frowned at in Asia but also in Europe. In fact, when you visit Paraguay, you will see signs warning you never to tip anyone because tipping is seen as bribery.
    • However, there are some countries where extended generosity is a must. In fact, the tip is included to your total charge. In Greece for instance, 15% of what you pay for your meal is goes as tip. Tipping is also compulsory in countries like France and the USA.

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