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  • February 19, 2020
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  • February 19, 2020
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Ultrafast Broadband from just £21 a Month

  • November 13, 2016
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In the modern days, it is extremely important to be connected online. Internet has become one of the basic needs of the technology dependent generation of today. Fast broadband connection is something that everyone craves for. For the present generation, buffering during live streaming is more irritating than getting drenched with mud by the passing bus! The modern generation craves for speed. Every second is essential and so many things can happen over a minute. A high speed broadband connection is a dire necessity on today’s date.

  • Hyperoptic is a broadband delivery service. It has been voted to be the best broadband operating the United Kingdoms. It delivers broadband at the fastest possible speeds via ‘fiber-to-the-building’, thereby piping a huge power of 1000 Mb or 1 Gb for both downloads and uploads. The online potential of Hyperoptic is limitless and the performance has a quantum leap.
  • Hyperoptic operates with freeholders, developers, residents and property managers. The highly proclaimed services of Hyperoptic which has won several awards is delivered to business and residential developments. It delivers a connection that is future-proof. The value and attractiveness of each of its services. It provides services to twenty countries in the United Kingdoms. It aims at making the superfast fiber of next generation available to more than a half million residents by the end of 2019.
  • Hyperoptic saw its foundation in the year 2011. It received an investment of fifty million pounds from a private investment company known in 2013. In the year 2016, Hyperoptic was awarded the title of ‘Best Superfast Broadband Provider’ for the fourth time in a row. It has won several other awards which implies how efficient its services are and how much the customers get benefitted by them.

Innovation Of Fiber Broadband Technology

Hyperoptic makes use of fiber broadband technology. It works by piping United Kingdom’s fastest speeds in the residents to the buildings by making use of fiber optic cables directly from exchange. You might wonder how it is better than the conventional fiber and copper phone wires. The main problems that are faced in copper are reliability and speed. Fiber broadband technology ensures a high speed and it remains fast even during the peak hours. The upload speed is just as fast as the download speed. It is a true value for the money you pay for the service. Whereas, the download and upload speed of Copper is much lesser. This speed drops further when you move away from the exchange. The upload capability is also limited when you are using copper wiring. It is not at all suitable for downloading movies of High Definition, playing online games which require high speed internet or uploading some huge files over the internet. Optical fibers can carry a vast amount of light signals and information over very long distances by making use of the principle of total internal reflection. This is how fiber broadband is much better than its copper counterpart.

The seeds for the modern day fiber broadband technology was sown back in the 1970s. It is sometimes referred to as the “Information age”. In the 1980s the optical fibers were mainly installed in the telephone companies. By the 1990s, improved fibers and the introduction of optical components and better electronic devices improved the quality of the carried signal and the carrying efficiency. The dream that was seen in the “Information Age” was slowly materializing. At present, telecommunication is one of the most developed facets of modern technology and it has taken over the world with its amazing speed of transmission. More and more people are gaining access to the network and the earth is getting converted into a global village where nothing is impossible to be reached.

This technology has enabled people to share data, voice, video and various applications globally. The latest of all, HDTVs are continuously pushing the communication networks to evolve and expand. Since the invention of the first ever optical fibers with low loss, there has been massive developments in the optical fibers and the new generation of technology has evolved. Optical fibers have fueled the massive expansion and evolution of the broadband connectivity worldwide.

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The fiber broadband technology is compatible with other modern technologies. It has almost an unlimited capacity of bandwidth. This technology can readily grow and adapt itself to meet the needs of future communication.

Unlike most other broadband services who provide a combination of fiber and copper, Hyperoptic is a totally fiber broadband provider.

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