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Bag UpTo 75% Off Technology Products

  • May 22, 2018
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Grab UpTo 60% Off Turntables

  • May 22, 2018
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Take UpTo 70% Off Selected Headphones

  • May 22, 2018
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It is known to one and all that the entertainment business has never been the same after the arrival of HMV. It all began in the United Kingdom when a company for entertainment retail business came into being and was known as HMV Group plc. Since then nothing other than the name (which was later changed to HMV Retail Ltd.) has significantly changed. HMV still remains that powerful and influential name in the entertainment business front and the fact has become evident with their successful online store campaign. I personally like the website very much and the fact that every product ranging from the top DVD music collection to the highest grossing movies and memory invading games are available here makes the website all the more special. Moreover, when I registered myself into the HMV store I found I got rewarded with lucrative and awesome deals. You could also find that using the HMV store is easier and more convenient than visiting a local DVD store for your required dose of entertainment. Convenient prices, attractive offers, and an efficient delivery system makes the HMV online store a worthwhile place to invest both your money and time on.

Formerly popular as HMV Group plc, the HMV Retail Ltd. is one of the largest retailing companies for entertainment related items which operates throughout the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Back in 1921 at Oxford the Gramophone Company opened its first HMV-branded store. From the 1930s onwards radio sets and televisions also began to get manufactured under the brand name of HMV. The business began to expand hereon in terms of the retail sector and by the 1960s it began a worldwide sensation. In 1998 the HMV group was formed.

In case most of you have wondered HMV represents His Master’s Voice, which was the label of Francis Barraud’s classic painting of a dog named Nipper paying attention to music on a cylinder gramophone.

What Sets HMV Apart From The Rest?

The worldwide reputation that HMV has garnered for itself and has been maintaining ever since is enough to set itself apart from its competitor brands. But that is not the sole reason behind HMV’s success. A lot of other reasons have been instrumental in providing HMV the edge over other entertainment retail brands in the market. Following are just a few of those reasons.

  • Wide Variety of products: - The wide assortment of products available at HMV is just astounding. HMV store contains numerous products that include Blu-ray disks, DVDs, CDs, books, audio, video games on top of a vast range of merchandise from movies, television, and the music industry. The online store was again launched in 2015, June and has since then become a range in the online market industry with endless products such as CDS, Blu-Rays and even LP records available or online ordering.

  • Excellent customer services: - World class customer services are also majorly responsible for creating such a wide market for HMV online store. Easy accessibility and ordering on the website coupled with a reliable home delivery service at reasonable rates are some other reasons behind HMV’s supreme reign in the retail entertainment industry.

  • Loyalty program: - A loyalty program known to be “pure HMV” has been launched in 2003 and again relaunched in 2008 and the company has been operating on it ever since then. According to the scheme, every cardholder is awarded reward points against every purchase they make from the website. These points can be redeemed or collected using vouchers or memorabilia.

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Top Deals

If we consider a shorter term scenario, it is the deals and offers that are solely responsible for attracting new and loyal customers alike on your website. The more offers and lucrative deals you have on your website the more people are going to visit it and hence result in increased chances of sales on your website. Let us have a look at the top deals available at the HMV store presently.

  1. Customers get the opportunity to buy two Blu-Ray movies for only £25.
  2. You can also buy 2 DVDs for £20.
  3. As for CDs, customers can get 2 CDs for just £15.
  4. Lots of new and upcoming movies are available for pre-order DVDs, CDs and Blu-Rays only at HMV online store.
  5. Universal Blu-Ray is available on the website for a paltry sum of only £4.99.
  6. In the case of Kid’s DVDs, customers get the benefit of buying one and getting one absolutely free.

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