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About Godaddy


Building your own website has to be one of the most intimidating jobs out there. What should be your domain name? Is investing in an antivirus software worth it or is it money down the drain? If you are an amateur who is still unsure how to go about the whole process, it doesn’t hurt to have a professional guiding you so that you can skirt the mistakes and end up with an impressive website which would make your competitors turn green with envy.

GoDaddy is a server hosting site designed to cater to all your hosting needs while enabling you with a domain name for your website and providing you web security and online marketing solutions. No matter whether you want to take a physical business online or want to start up a new website for showcasing your work with the rest of the world, GoDaddy is perhaps the very first name you would stumble upon.

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If it's a simple domain name you need, GoDaddy has you covered. Which one will you prefer a .com one or perhaps a one? If it's available for the taking, GoDaddy will help you get it. In case you need a hosting service for your website, GoDaddy has that bit covered as well. Aside from all this, if you're building a website from scratch, it has a composite solution for you along with a standard set of tools and objects you will need so as to tweak the default setting exactly to your liking.

Now you might be thinking that for all that service that GoDaddy is providing to the world, it must be extremely expensive if not extensively difficult to operate, but let me assure you, that is not the case. GoDaddy has very reasonable and competitive rates for their services along with very cheap add-on upgrades for things you may require down the line and their composite plans are some of the most reasonable and easy to understand website building tools ever. Also, there are literally thousands of detailed tutorials available online on how to go about it in case the tutorial on the website isn't enough.

Why should you buy antivirus software for your website?

We have become too used to getting things for free these days. Case in point? Just consider the fact that you are able to access your email account for free, get useful apps at the click of a button and even order food without walking the metaphorical extra mile. Going by the free trend influenced by the developments in technology in the 21st century it might be easier than ever to get lured into the trap of thinking that your website can do without a proper antivirus system in place. But since we know that if you stick by your decision of not buying a antivirus software, the future will hold nightmares for you, heed our advice and you just might be saved.

Any self-proclaimed gadget or tech junkie would know that protecting your website against viruses is a simple matter of using your common sense. Just don’t click on the links of the shady websites, stop adding people whom you don’t know personally and downloading documents from unknown sources is a big no-no. However, the reality remains that no matter how careful you are with your browsing, it is impossible to know which file or web page might be corrupted. Since it is safe to assume that you would remain oblivious of the same each and every time you switch on your computer, your website can get infected from something as ordinary as you forgetting to enable the Java plug-in where your web browser is concerned. You never know when you become the culprit by uploading an infected file and hackers insert malware and spyware so as to steal all your sensitive and confidential information. You wouldn’t be able to prevent server breaches from time to time and might even risk the deletion of the saved files if you don’t own a strong antivirus software. In certain cases, like the ‘zero day exploits’, you might even have to disclose your website details for a certain amount of financial reward. It is only a matter of time till all the security flaws in your website pile up and you lose track and ownership of all the valuable information which lay at the foundation of your website.

Even if you hire a qualified technician to correct all the malware, don’t be sure than new ones wouldn’t pop up as soon as you refresh the site to add some new features. Thus, the wise thing to do would be to invest in an expensive and effective antivirus software which might seem too much to pay for something you can’t physically own but we promise that it is worth every buck you spend in the long run. You would find many friends who would suggest to you the idea of downloading free antivirus software but remember that in case of antivirus software, more often than not, the costlier it is, the more effective it would be. While free software often sends false warnings to their users, the paid antivirus software technology wades through the all the dangers with their extensive system behavior sensors and notifies you of the issues which need to be sorted at a short notice.

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