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Gadget Cover

Spend £5 for iPad Insurance

  • November 3, 2017
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Gadget Cover

Free Returns

  • November 3, 2017
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Gadget Cover

Only £6/ Month for iPhone Insurance

  • November 3, 2017
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Gadget Cover


For a tech freak, there is no more happiness than buying a new gadget. Most of the people get a rush through their veins when they see the launch of a breakthrough device from their favourite brand. While this may be a thing of joy but one can just pray for unavoidable circumstances. Things can get bad anytime. It doesn’t have to be the quality of your purchase, but other factors such as accidental drop and theft lead to quite unfortunate circumstances. And there are also chances that the product that you just purchased didn’t work in the first place.

Considering all such troubles of the customers, Gadget cover offers a reliable and needful insurance covers for all gadgets. It doesn’t matter if you have a laptop or a 3D printer or a robot controlled vacuum clear. Gadget cover has got you covered and offers policies for all your precious gadgets. The plans are not just reliable but also provide the best perks for the services. You get a month of free services, unlimited claims and protection against the fraudulent callers. The Gadget cover is trusted by over 500,000 customers in the UK that is buying official policies from the company and enjoying complete peace of mind.

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  • iPhone: iPhone is undoubtedly one of the people’s choices of most beloved and admired phones. The moment a new model rolls out, people fall head over heels in love with them and get on that pre-booking queue. As exciting as it may seem, you can’t avoid accidents from happening. You never know what may go wrong with your newest belonging. So, instead of taking risks on such valuable investments, it is always better to be prepared and have your peace of mind. Gadget cover offers insurance policies on iPhone that keep you covered and provide you with the best of benefits from these systems.
  • iPad: iPad is most of the children’s favourite pastime. And it’s not just about overall games and the fantasy of gadget; it is about talking to the talking Tom and learning with a refreshing experience. The way your child handles your iPad is on its way beautiful and exciting. Gadget cover lets your child have that experience without having them or you to worry about getting caught in unfortunate accidents. You can keep on sipping your cup of tea while Gadget cover takes care of the smallest mishappening with your gadget.
  • Camera: A camera is just like your eyes, only integrated with technology. It lets you capture what you see and keep it forever with you. You create memories to click pictures and click pictures to develop memories at the same time. The camera remains your companion at times when you feel happy, sad, or just don’t know what to do, but click selfies. Gadget cover takes care of your camera so that you never miss a chance to seise some great moments in life. With the official insurance policy, you can order unlimited claims and be assured of the exceptional customer service.

Top Deals

Insurance is a must to look out for when you are investing a great deal of money in your gadgets. At Gadget Cover, you not just get insurance but also a lifetime cover for your valuable devices. So, if you are getting your iPhone insured with Gadget cover, be prepared to get one month free on the annual policy. Also, get unlimited claims and instant cover.

Are you quite tired of paying too much for your insurance? Get the best quotes for your gadgets only at Gadget cover. Don’t ever miss a chance to be a part of a policy with a low excess fee.

Get unlimited claims as you get insured from Gadget cover. Get all types coverage and be relaxed about the safekeeping of your product. Coverage includes accidental coverage, liquid damage, breakdown, theft, unauthorised usage, loss, accessories, family cover and cover all across the world.

Get a 14-day money back guarantee when you purchase gadgets and insurance from Gadget cover. Don’t settle for anything less, be a part of full warranty for your product.

Here’s your chance to experience great convenience when you buy insurance for your favourite gadgets at Gadget cover. Get free collect and free returns on laptops. Hurry now!

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