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Deep Blue Dive

Up To 72% Off Diving Gloves

  • November 27, 2016
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Deep Blue Dive

Free Delivery On Orders Over £40

  • November 27, 2016
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Deep Blue Dive

Up To 25% Off Selected Swimming Costumes And Trunks

  • November 27, 2016
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Deep Blue Dive


Deep Blue Dive, a UK based company, is the largest supplier of diving apparel and scuba diving equipment in the country. It is an online company which makes every effort for their customers to get the best possible service. All the equipment’s of Deep Blue Dive are specially designed in such a way that their customers can get the best underwater experience while still feeling comfortable and safe. Some of the packages of Deep Blue Drive includes pony packages, BCD’s and regulators among others. They also make sure that they provide a wide range of quality equipment which has something for everyone.

Deep Blue Dive is situated in the Whitley Bay, which is a seaside town near Newcastle upon Tyne and it is extremely close to the coast. Since it is near to a coastal area, they have a very significant diving culture across the beaches of Tynemouth, Whitley Bay and Cullercoats. It gives them an added advantage since they get a fair idea of what the diving enthusiasts want which is available not only in stores but also available online.

Deep Blue Dive consists of products from 45 leading diving brands which provides a wide variety of safety gears and a good level of services to the diving fanatics. With years of experience in the supply of diving safety gears and services through online business, Deep Blue Dive is always available to provide any kind of advice in the field of diving products and safety procedures.

Deep Blue Dive provides a wide range of safety gears and equipment’s for diving fanatics. Some of the products and services provided by Deep Blue Dive are as follows:

  • Diving bags and boxes:
  • It is necessary to find an appropriate storage kit to keep your entire diving gear. The right size of a bag will make sure that you can store your entire diving kit with ease and comfort. The right size of diving bags and boxes makes sure that there is plenty of space to store every gear without the expense of leaving out any one. The diving bags and boxes available at Deep Blue Dive are durable and as well as lightweight for their customer’s convenience.

  • Air gun charging kits:
  • Deep Blue Dive contains a wide range of cylinders as well as charging kits of different sizes which suits all the needs of the divers who use air guns. The products available here are selected in a way that they are perfectly suitable and reliable for safety use.

  • Diving shoes:
  • For a fun water sporting experience, Deep Blue Dive has a selection of well-designed and manufactured shoes which gives your feet an extra grip and support to make your diving as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The shoes and boots available in the Deep Blue Dive also deliver warm air to the feet at an optimal temperature by the change in climatic environments.

  • Camera accessories:
  • An essential camera which works well in water is extremely essential to capture the underwater beauty. Deep Blue Dive provides various camera accessories to help the people in catching the spectacular sights of the water world which the divers want to capture and cherish for life.

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    Comparing Deep Blue Dive with other vendors

    Deep Blue Dive has a certain level of competitive advantage which makes it far superior to its rivals. When it comes to brands, Deep Blue Dive is stacked up with some of the best brands of diving gear equipment in the world. For ensuring the safety of their customers, they have the selection of only the most well-known and reliable brands of this industry.

    Some of the brands associated with Deep Blue Dive are GoPro, Seac, Mares, PADI, Aqualung and Apeks being just to name a few.

    About Deep Blue Dive

    Deep Blue Dive has been in the diving apparel and safety gear equipment since 1997. It is situated in the Whitley Bay, which is a seaside town near Newcastle upon Tyne and it is extremely close to the coastal area. They consist of a team of diving specialists who guide their customer’s with the knowledge of necessary safety precautions and procedures.

    By completing 20 years in this field, Deep Blue Dive continues to excel in providing the best diving protective gears and equipment to their customers.

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