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Tank & RBAs Accessories @ £1

  • February 24, 2017
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TC Tanks @ £10

  • February 24, 2017
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Kangertech Products Up To 8% Off

  • February 24, 2017
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About Cigabuy


Cigabuy is a multinational company that stores all kinds of e-cigarettes. It is a known fact that cigarette smoking is injurious to health and people who are smoking should quit the bad habit. People who are thinking of shifting to e-cigarettes should go through the website to have a complete knowledge about e-cigarettes. Here you can find all the major brands of e-cigarettes available worldwide. The electronic cigarette is a kind of smokeless cigarette and has a vaporizer, a microprocessor and a sensor. This internal sensor helps to begin the process of vaporization which occurs from a cartridge of dissolved nicotine solution. It is a device that functions like a cigarette but runs on battery. These e-cigarettes are smoke free and ash free and do not cause pollution. They do not even pose risks to the health of others around you. These are also quite cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. It is not scientifically proved that electronic cigarettes can help you quit smoking but they are somewhat better than the traditional smoking method as it negates some of the chemical effect that traditional cigarettes bring with them. Cigabuy offers all the popular brands of e-cigarettes and guides on smoking e-cigarettes. Get the best electronic cigarettes at the cheapest rates and save your money.

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About the Website

Cigabuy is a website dedicated to the sale of electronic cigarettes. It was launched in 2013 to make the world’s people have access to the best e-cigarettes in the world. The website lists all the major electronic cigarettes by their brands and offers them on the lowest price. The company has resellers all over the world and this makes it easier for everyone to access the products. You can browse through the collections and get the best quality electronic cigarette at nominal rates. Cigabuy believes in serving the customers with the best kind of assistance. It is very easy to order the electronic cigarettes online with just a click of the mouse. With worldwide shipping and easy returns, people have chosen Cigabuy as one of the best places to shop electronic cigarettes. Apart from the huge variety what draws people to the website are the various facilities like tracking an order or checking its status.

What differentiates them from other competitors?

Cigabuy is a place that people love coming back to buy their supply of electronic cigarettes. There must be a reason why they are so popular when compared to the other competitors in the market. One reason may be that unlike other websites, Cigabuy has a complete collection of all the major brands of electronic cigarettes and lists even the unique ones. Such a huge variety in the collection may not be available elsewhere. The second reason may be that Ciagbuy is a completely trustworthy place. According to customer reviews, they have excellent customer service and most of the purchases from the site have always been hassle free. They guarantee utmost privacy and all the purchases and transactions have reportedly been safe. Last, but not the least, another major reason why Cigabuy is different and rather better than others, is because of the prices the products are offered for. At Cigabuy, people can get their electronic cigarettes at low prices when compared to other places. Since the company directly associates with the factories, it is possible to keep the prices low while offering absolutely genuine branded products.


Electronic cigarettes came into existence only in 2003 and it has not been in use since long. It was invented by a Chinese pharmacist called Han Lik. Han was himself a smoker and he carried on research to develop electronic cigarettes which would enable people to consume nicotine without inhaling the smoke, the tobacco and the chemicals involved in traditional cigarettes. He took this decision after the death of his father who died due to lung cancer. In 2003, he became successful by inventing the first e-cigarette. The product was under research and technological advancements popularized the idea of electronic cigarettes all over the world. At the RUYAN Overseas Promotion Conference, the electronic cigarette was officially launched before the world and in 2006 it was introduced in markets in Europe. Very soon, this began to become popular under the name of “Electro fag”. As the years passed several brands of electronic cigarettes began flooding the world market, each having some special features. Cigabuy is an initiative started on 27th May, 2013 to collect all such models of electronic cigarettes with unique features and present them to people.

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