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Caledonian Travel

Holidays Starting Price £99

  • April 16, 2018
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Caledonian Travel

Book A European Mini Cruise From £39

  • April 16, 2018
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Caledonian Travel

Take Upto £100 Off Europe Special Offers

  • April 16, 2018
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Caledonian Travel


Once in a while, everyone needs breaks in their lives. Not only does this help break the everyday monotony of work but also rejuvenates the soul at the same time. Taking a break also helps us maintain focus towards our work and understand things and situations from an open mind. While break has different meanings for everyone, travelling is one of the best ways to celebrate and rejoice life. You gain experiences by visiting new places and get to know yourself better.

Caledonian Travel is a travel company that lets you visit different places at affordable costs. Because most of the people resist travelling worrying about the expense they might incur, Caledonian Travel makes it easier for different people to let their inner selves free without having to worry about costs. The company offers a colossal selection of varying holiday destinations spread across Europe, United Kingdom and Ireland.

You can go on a variety of breaks whether it is for half a month or just a weekend. Caledonian Travels has all kinds of plans set up for you, which will make your next holiday a memorable one. Deal Voucherz presents the latest deals and offers from Caledonian Travel that you must look out for!

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  • Britain and Ireland
  • Britain and Ireland are one of the most sought-after destinations in the world and have plenty of sites that will mesmerise a person’s sight. You can choose from a wide range of options such as destinations and occasions among others. So, if there is a particular destination that you want to visit in Britain and Ireland you can select it from the menu and get to see all the relevant packages that Caledonian Travel is offering. However, if you are not much sure about the location but have a special occasion in minds such as the New Year or Mother’s day, you can see different holiday package listed at Caledonian Travel and let the destiny take you where it wants. Right from the seaside view to majestic isles and countryside destinations, you can have the holiday of your lifetime without drilling a hole in your pocket.

  • Europe
  • If you haven’t seen Europe, you’ve possibly deprived yourself of its wonders and soul-deep beauty. With Caledonian Travels, it is a great chance to explore what you haven’t with exceptional customer service and pleasurable lunches across your journey. You can go n river side cruises and rejoice in the depths of nature. You can spend an evening in Rome or have fun in the sunny Monte Carlo. Caledonian Travels makes everything more comfortable for you while you choose your dream destination.

  • Shows and Events
  • Even if you don’t have a long weekend to splurge yourself, you can witness essential concerts and events happening in your city and neighbourhood. From most popular music shows to observing a large theatre group, you can enjoy a variety of activities happening around you and be your best. Even if you are a fan of Airshows and tribute events, Caledonian Travels has everything lined up for you at one place.

Top deals

  • Here’s your chance to win a life-changing holiday for two people. Enter the contest at Caledonian Travel and choose the destination of your choice for a holiday!
  • Take advantage of the unique offer at Caledonian Travels. Get ready for the exclusive folklore deal for five days only at an exclusive price of £ 99.
  • Splurge into the leisure break of Bosworth Hall. The trip for four days begins on January 18. Prices are as low as £ 93.06
  • Are you making plans for the weekend? Grab the super deal of St Andrews and cairngorms for two days at an exclusive price of £ 49.
  • Get a chance to explore the beautiful south port. The trip starts 29th January. Book the spectacular deal for five days now at an exclusive price of £ 139. Hurry!
  • Is London on your mind? Why wait now, when you can be a part of the London extravaganza for as low as £ 179 for five days.
  • Be a part of the impressive premier league match between Man City Vs Leicester City. Grab the tickets soon at an enticing price of £ 129. Hurry!
  • A long holiday is a must to explore the nature and be in touch with one’s soul. Experience the inspiring sight of the Idyllic lake Como for 12 days! Offer price for the trip is £ 869 per person!

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