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While all the fashionistas out there seem to have their style game down pat, knowing exactly what to wear on a cosy weekend followed by a crazy night of partying, it is the girl next door who gets left behind due to her poor wardrobe choices. Bonmarche is not only for the fashion experts but also girls like you who want to make an impact when they walk in the door. With categories listing brand new arrivals, the ‘Womens’ section which gives you the opportunity to choose everything you might need starting from clothing items like dresses, jackets and skirts to lingerie, swimwear, accessories and footwear. If designer clothes are the route you want to take, you can always choose the Ann Harvey category and decide whether you wish to start with tops and blouses, dresses and skirts or trousers and jeans.

Bonmarche is a path breaking fashion website in the sense that it gives even the first timers amongst their customers the opportunity to join the “Bonus Club” and remain updated about the latest offers on fashion garments, accessories and more. The category for seasonal clothes and the big ongoing sales is present on the homepage of Bonmarche itself but in case you still find yourself clueless about your personal style sense, you can always seek inspiration and advice from Bonmarche’s ‘Inspire Me’ category. Bonmarche has thousands of dress styles available in sizes from 10-28 and the delivery service is one of the best out there. With Bonmarche, you can finally watch yourself transform from an ugly duckling to a beautiful princess. What are you waiting for?

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Product Review

Let’s get this straight. The 20s are hard on everyone no matter how much they pretend to have everything sorted out in their lives. This phase of your life requires you to put a brave face on, dab on some makeup and wear your best party outfit so that you can step out of your dorm room and paint the town red. Even the most extroverted of people tend to tire out of this incessant partying at one time or other but the adrenaline rush is such that it is hard to stay away from the dance floor for a long time. Saturday is the day of the week when the party buzz is the most alive and you need a drop dead gorgeous outfit if you want to come out a winner at the end of a Saturday night. In case you are not one of those rare people who are lucky enough to have a wardrobe full of sequined dresses and tops which cling to your body, believe us that you are going to need some significant help from us and some dress suggestions from Bonmarche. Without further ado, let’s get started!

If you are just starting out in the fashion game, it is easy to be overwhelmed and stick to the prim and proper little black dress. Though it might work every once in a while but the fashion police are clever enough to notice that in choosing the LBD you just gave up exploring the variegated style choices and stuck with the safe option. When you are deciding on your Saturday night party outfit, you should try to evaluate the heat and the environment in the place you will be visiting with your friends. Will the woolen fabric be comfortable when you are out strutting your stuff on the dance floor? How many minutes would you be able to carry on in your high heels when everything you can think about is how to match step to step with your friends to a Beyonce song? Be pragmatic when you choose the color and fabric of your party wear

Pick a fun outfit which would give your body room to breathe yet would fit your body type. This Ann Harvey red ruffle dress is a good starting point as it would add volume to the waist of the skinny girls out there and still would be able to hide the extra weight you put on during your holidays. People always stop to see who’s passing by them when a girl decides to layer her dress with a slouchy jacket.

You can BE THAT GIRL next Saturday night just by investing in this Cropped Textured Jacket which would be a hit at any given party and add something new and exciting to your most boring outfits.

Some standout footwear like this Elasticated Diamante Wedges which would provide your ankle some much needed support during dancing definitely helps.

Now that we have given you some basic tips regarding how to go about selecting your Saturday night attire, we believe that you’ll be fine if you just remember to add a dash of your own self confidence into the mix!

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