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Bob And Lush

Free Treat With Every Food Order

  • September 24, 2014
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Bob And Lush

Treats From £3.99

  • September 24, 2014
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Bob And Lush

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  • September 24, 2014
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About Intimissimi


Bob & Lush is a specialty dog-food maker based in Corsett, in the North of England, with a dedicated focus on providing natural food alternatives to major dog-food manufacturers. Bob & Lush produces high-protein, all-natural food and treats conscientious pet owners with the healthiest options for their adorable furry friends.

Bob & Lush began when its founders’ two favourite pet dogs, Bob and Lush, came down with severe allergies. At a loss to explain sudden allergies in pets that had no history of such ailments, its founder, Ander, investigated with medical professionals and discovered that allergies are a common health response to the artificial components prevalent in major dog-food brands.

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Those other brands, stuffed with synthetic chemicals and preservatives (in addition to grain fillers no animal was ever meant to consume) form a cheap, high-calorie, low-protein product that can be detrimental and totally destructive to canine health. For the sake of Ander’s own pets, Bob and Lush, as well as millions of other pets who are daily fed with toxic meals, Anders and his team set about creating wholesome nourishment that would make every dog happy and healthy.

Bob & Lush believes every pet deserves a happy and healthy life, but they recognize that perhaps a simple lack of healthy options corners many dog owners into making choices that aren’t necessarily the best. They seek to fill this gap in dog-food availability with the best, natural, and potentially life-affecting quality food for anyone’s furry friend.

How to Plan a Diet for your Pet?

A healthy diet with proper nutrition is extremely important for the well-being of your dog. Good health establishes a relationship of happiness between you and your dog where there is no tension and discomfort. Bob & Lush's 100% hypoallergenic food is the perfect meal for your dog as it is free from all kinds of artificial conservations and other low-quality sweeteners. It solely consists of a single class of meat which minimizes the possibilities of allergies in dogs.

Aside from meat, the vegetables used in Bob & Lush's packaged food are farm fresh and therefore are full of the required nutrients. The nutrient chart is uniquely designed by Bob & Lush to give a proper balance of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and a wide-array of other nutritional components to the dogs you love. The following 5 points will provide you with insights about how you could plan a heathier diet for your dog:

  1. Invest in Food with 60% (or more) meat

  2. Dogs are carnivores (meat eaters) and generate their strength and nutrient demands from a diet that should be mainly consist of meat. The source of meat could be red meat, poultry or fish. Bob & Lush’s Premium Duck Kibble with Potatoes & Peas is the ideal meal for dogs as it is made up of 60% duck minimum made with 55% fresh duck, 3% duck fat and 2% duck digest.

  3. Avoid Poor Feed

  4. Most of the dog food available in the present day market is made up of cheap and unacceptable ingredients and every dog lover would stay away from giving such things to their pet. Garlic, eggs, dairy, chives, onions and artificial conservations are to name some of the harmful ingredients that are included in the packaged dog food nowadays. Low blood sugar, vomiting, rapid heart-beat and diarrhoea are some of the most commonly occurring diseases in dogs due to the usage of such ingredients.

  5. Stay Grain-Free

  6. Dogs are born to eat meat and giving them grains will cause different kinds of health problems. However, corn, soybean and rice are some of the exceptions and can be given to dogs as much as their metabolism can handle them.

  7. Wet Food

  8. Wet dog food, which is also known as canned food, is full of water as the name suggests. It is easy for the dog to digest because of the softness of wet food. It is extremely beneficial for the kidneys of your dog. It is really enjoyable in taste, if you select an established brand like Bob & Lush’s ‘70% Lamb Wet’ which is made up of 70% fresh lamb meat and immensely luscious carrots.

  9. Dry Food

  10. Dry food, which is also called the kibble, has its own distinct benefits over the wet or canned food. It is advantageous for the oral health of your dog as the kibble has to be chewed properly before it is ready for digestion. The dry food does not require refrigeration and is a good option for those who want something economical. The 60% Duck Kibble by Bob & Lush is made up of 60% fresh duck meat alongside flavourful peas and potatoes.

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