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When it comes to weight loss, there have been a thousand and one companies in the market that have claimed to do wonders in a short amount of time. While most companies try to use time as an ally, in that they promise quick results in short amounts of time, without much effort, most physicians are strongly against it because they tend to do more harm than good in terms of long term physical and mental well-being.

That is why Beachbody LLC, an American company, has a more hands-on approach to the entire issue of fitness and weight loss. Rather than invest in fad diets, miracle workouts, this fitness company utilizes individual sales consultants or “coaches” to provide fitness and weight loss videos, which people can use in order to lose weight in the comfort and safety of their own homes. They have a staggering number of clients, with sales rising the charts every single year.


Beachbody has a large number of products and offers a wide range of services, all of which are aimed at helping their clients lose weight. Some of their more popular weight loss plans include:

  • 21 Day Fit Xtreme: This one is particularly aimed, not at amateurs, but individuals who have had some experience with workouts, as it pushes you to your limits and sets out to give you visible results in just 3 weeks. It comprises of a diet plan along with six intense workout routines in 2 DVDs.
  • Cize: This is a 30-day weight loss challenge, and is a wonderful alternative for all of those individuals who hate working out. Costing $19.95, this plan includes 6 different calories burning dance numbers with their very own custom playlist, divided into three DVDs. It also features a special “Eat Up” meal plan that helps you quick healthy meals and compromise with calorie rich ingredients.
  • Piyo workout: Combining pilates and yoga along with a bunch of other exercises that strengthen your core muscles, the Piyo workout has seven different workout routines in three different DVDs. The workout plan also comes with a 60-Day Workout Calendar, a complete guide to getting started and even a well-balanced meal plan. There is also a possibility of few individuals getting free gifts along with their orders.

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Apart from these three major workout plans, BeachBody also has a number of other workout plans like the “Country Heat” plan which combines easy moves along with chart topping country music, the “Body Beast” plan which is geared towards body builders and so on.
Beachbody, apart from their plans, also offer workout gear and clothes, cookbooks for preparing healthy meals, as well as their “Shakeology” food supplements diet that kicks up your weight loss training and plan up by a few notches.

“Decide. Commit. Succeed” is the motto of Beachbody, which means that as a company, they do not focus only on weight loss, but also on maintaining the weight that you have achieved, and most importantly, it is about shedding the weight through hard work and exercise, rather than through fad diets and pills.

Unlike most companies that put an emphasis on less work and more results, what Beachbody is all about, is involving the individual into the entire process, that is to say, they motivate you to take the initiative and make sure that you reach the weight goal that you set out for yourself. However, it is not only weight loss and fitness videos that they have to offer to their customers. Since they are an all-around company, their products also include weight loss supplements, which according to claims, helps not only to provide you with all of the energy that you need in order to go through a grueling workout, but also help you cut down on all of the cravings that you develop for junk food during your weight loss period. Thus, with Beachbody, it is a completely balanced system.

Back in the year 1998 two individuals by the names Jonathan Congdon and Carl Daikeler came together in Santa Monica, California, with the idea of helping people lead a better and healthier life, and thus was born the multi-million-dollar company that is today known as Beachbody. During the year 2007 the company decided to form the Team Beachbody, which is essentially direct-selling division of Beachbody that solely consists of the involvement of coaches.
Again in the year 2011, the world saw the formation of the Beachbody LIVE which consists of group classes and popular workout routines like Insanity, Cize and so on.
Today, it is one of the most popular weight management and weight loss companies in the world, with over 23 million customers across the world.

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