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  • November 28, 2016
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Free Security Suite 2017

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About Avira

Avira, a German-based multinational company, provides security software’s for various technological gadgets such as smartphones, computers, tablets, servers and other means of a network. Such security software’s are supposed to prevent any harm being caused to those gadgets from certain internet viruses. Apart from providing security from internet viruses through their specialized anti-virus software, Avira also helps in maintaining privacy by securing the identity of the users, and it also helps those gadgets by enhancing their performance levels by providing various performance tools.

Avira was found in the year 1986 by Tjark Auerbach. Its headquarters is situated in Tettnang in Germany (near Lake Constance to be precise). With being active for more than 30 years in the security software making business and holding a strong 9.6% share of the global market (statistics by OPSWAT), in the year 2012, Avira was considered to be the 6th largest seller of antivirus in the world.

Some consider Avira security software's as the best in the line of online defense. Apart from detecting the unwanted viruses or applications in a system, Avira also takes the offenders to court who are guilty of hacking into someone’s personalized properties.

In the year 2013, Avira’s founder Tjark Auerbach stepped down from his role as the CEO of the company while continuing to remain its majority shareholder. During the same year, Mr. Auerbach was replaced by Travis Witteveen as the chief executive officer of the enterprize.

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Services offered

Avira provides various products and services of security for Microsoft Windows. Some of the products it offers are their specialized free antivirus and its pro version. The free version of the antivirus or anti-spyware can be used only for small profile purposes (non-commercial activities) which provide various commercial pop-up ads. While Avira antivirus pro is the premium version of Avira antivirus and antispyware. Another useful software for Microsoft Windows is Avira’s system speed up tool. It consists of a set of tools which helps in tuning up the PC.

It also provides an internet security tool for Microsoft Windows in the form of its Internet security suite. Apart from providing its web security service, this software also consists of the premium version of Avira antivirus along with its unique system speed up tool for its fluent functioning. Although, it’s ultimate collection of security tools are assembled in Avira’s ultimate protection suite software. This ultimate version contains the internet security suite along with some other additional tools for the maintenance of PC.

Just like its software’s for Microsoft Windows, Avira also extends its services to devices like Android systems and iPhone OS. For Android systems, it provides simple free antivirus security software which can apply to Android versions of 2.2 and above. It also offers its premium version which contains the antivirus software along with some additional tech support for free. Free mobile security have also been developed for various iPhone OS devices like iPhone and iPad.

What differentiates them from other competitors

Unlike other antivirus companies, Avira consists of a cutting edge technology which keeps them ahead of time. Its products can detect even the most unknown or unrecognizable malfunctions in the systems through their various heuristics. In fact, Avira also provides some insightful services like such software’s which can pre-detect any malware's in a system before it can even create any damaging element. It only requires the faintest of an idea through aggregate data to detect which files can send an alarming message to the system.

Avira can just wipe out any file which has the definition of virus written all over it with proficient ease. Another specialty of Avira antiviruses is that they can function smoothly with a great scanning speed. It combats the risk elements of the systems after its successful analysis of any malware in the computers. It also issues a warning to its users on whether to act on a malfunction or not.

History about Avira

Avira has a rich history of success in itself. Being in the security software making business for more than 30 years, Avira has made itself as one of the most successful and largest vendors of antivirus software in the world. Founded by Tjark Auerbach, Avira is also known for doing various charitable projects.

Established in the year 1986, Avira, being a German-based company, has over more than 100 million customers. Over the years, Avira has also opened up their branch offices in commercially developed countries like Japan, Switzerland, and Malaysia.

With over 30 years of hard work and dedication, Avira was ranked as 6th in the world regarding largest vendor of antivirus software in the year 2012.

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